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What You Need To Know About Styes: Are Masks Causing Them?

We have all been there in the last year – our sunglasses or eyeglasses fogging up due to mask wear.  Many of us have also dealt with mask-induced acne and rosacea which has caused an uptick of dermatology visits. Now, we are seeing the repercussions of mask wear in the ophthalmology community. Although vaccines are… Read More »

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Cataract Awareness Month: Treat Dry Eye Before Cataracts

In honor of Cataract Awareness Month we wanted to introduce something we offer that doesn’t treat cataracts, but actually may assist in better cataract surgery outcomes. We love to educate patients on cataracts, the causes, symptoms, and treatments available, so we created this CATARACT BLOG a couple of years ago for that background. We also… Read More »

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Surgery at Slade & Baker Vision: In a Patient’s Words

In a recent blog we shared where Slade & Baker Vision patients interested in cataract or lens replacement surgery go to make their dreams come true: Summit Surgery Center in Houston, Texas. We shared that the majority of other surgery centers provide surgeons from different specialties with space to operate, but Summit Surgery Center is private,… Read More »

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The Facts Behind the Blue-Light Blocking Glasses Hype

One thing that definitely can’t be argued about the last year is that the majority of us have been subjected to screens and the ‘digital world’ way more than before. All of our in-person meetings became virtual, and many of us can’t help but feel some eye strain at the end of the day. That… Read More »

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Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Dr. Stephen Slade, M.D., the founder of Slade & Baker Vision in Houston and member of the Refractive Surgery Council editorial advisory board was recently interviewed by the Refractive Surgery Council for an article that has been featured in Parade Magazine about home remedies for dry eye. We wanted to share his findings and assessments with… Read More »

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