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Patient Letter to Dr. Walton After Surgery

Nothing makes us happier than happy patients, except when they send us a handwritten, heartfelt, personal letter. This patient just had cataract surgery with Dr. Walton and chose the Advanced Custom Vision Package.  We are including a photo of her beautifully written note to Dr. Walton and the text below that. November 7th Dear Dr.… Read More »

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Slade & Baker Vision Supports The Eye Stroll for Vision

This past Saturday, our team at Slade & Baker Vision spent their day at the Eye Stroll for Vision! What is the Eye Stroll for Vision? This family-friendly, fun-filled event allows families, friends and coworkers to enjoy a leisurely stroll around the zoo on Saturday morning. This is not a timed event, allowing everyone to enjoy… Read More »

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Is Epithelial-On Crosslinking (CXL) the Way to Go?

If you or someone close to you has been diagnosed with Keratoconus, you have probably done what most patients have done in the last 10 years. Googled it! When most patients look up their options online, they stumble across a million articles about corneal collagen crosslinking otherwise known as CXL. Now, luckily, the FDA has… Read More »

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Are Eyelash Extensions Safe?

We love to focus our blog articles on questions we get every day at our office.  And this is definitely one of them. Since they are the windows to our souls, ladies know the importance of making sure their eyes look beautiful.  What better way to do that than with long, thick, beautiful eyelashes? If… Read More »

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Real Contact Lens Stories from OUR office in Houston!

As Contact Lens Health Week comes to an end, we wanted to share some personal stories from one of our surgeons. Dr. Bennett Walton shared with us that he has had several patients come in for “a contact lens lost in the eye”. What I’ve found when these patients come in: – Some patients have… Read More »

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