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Why You Should NOT Sleep in Your Contact Lenses

Last weekend was homecoming weekend for all of my friends from grad school, and of course with any homecoming celebration comes a football game, and preceding the football game, of course a tailgate. As we were all getting ready to head out for the day, one of my dearest friends came running up to me in a panic because her eye was “red and puffy.”

After a game of 20 questions, the verdict became very clear. My friend sleeps in her contacts.

It is important for you and everyone you know who wears contacts to know how serious it is when your eye doctor tells you, do NOT sleep in your contacts.

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34 Ophthalmologists to Know

Dr. Slade has been named one of the “34 Ophthalmologists to Know” in the U.S.! Becker’s ASC Review puts out several articles where they provide lists that rate different specialties throughout the nation and this is their list of the big players in ophthalmology.

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A Surgeon’s Perspective on ICL: Implantable Collamer Lens

If any of you are like me, you are already feeling withdrawal symptoms now that the Olympics are over. My whole family loves to crowd around the TV once every 4 years to watch new Olympians become our heroes. Did anyone see McKayla Maroney do the vault? She skied to unbelievable heights with incredible precision, and the vault she did during qualifiers in particular was one of the most memorable moments of these Olympic Games for my family.

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