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Not a LASIK candidate? Severely Nearsighted? Call us! Personal patient story about ICL surgery.

Chris was severely nearsighted. The prescription in his glasses was so strong that he finally got tired of the distortion from his lenses. It was so hard for him to see. Due to Chris’s high prescription of -16.00, he was deemed to NOT be a candidate for LASIK. READ more about LASIK options and how Chris is now able to see with ZERO glasses or contacts!

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It’s your turn for laser cataract surgery. Who do you choose? A patient’s letter to us.

We get feedback from our patients, but some of our favorites come from our friends.

Robert Watson, the owner of Patient Education Concepts, could have gone to over 8,000 ophthalmologists when it came time to have HIS femtosecond laser cataract surgery. He came to us. Click on this blog to read his touching letter and learn about cataract surgery after having had refractive surgery (like LASIK, RK) earlier in life!

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Why did YOU get LASIK?

Why did I finally decide YES to LASIK?

I get this question on the regular.

Out of all the things we always say we want to do or need to do, many people get consultations or research LASIK, but stay on the fence for some time. What was the deciding factor for me? READ MORE TO FIND OUT WHY!

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“I was determined”: A Patient’s Journey with Keratoconus and Crosslinking Success

Richard suffered from severely blurred vision due to the keratoconus in one of his eyes. He couldn’t see close, he couldn’t see far, they tried to treat him with contact lenses, changed the lenses, varying types, etc. and nothing helped. In his words, “everything was blurry.”

Richard was determined to figure out how to improve his vision. He did his research and found Dr. Slade at our office. Read more to see Richard’s CXL journey!

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LASIK on Steroids: A LASIK Revolution, changes in LASIK, approved by FDA

LASIK has been the popular choice for refractive eye surgery for as long as many of us can remember. It has become a common term that everyone is familiar with. We get asked all the time about any new updates or options for LASIK.

Although there are only a small number of options, there is FINALLY…….a long awaited UPDATE!

Read More to find out about the NEW FDA Approved LASIK Technique!

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