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Are your glasses waiting on your nightstand in the morning? Read about how LASIK was the best gift I have ever received.

Without those glasses, Marc would not be able to make it to the bathroom. Obviously a frustrating routine for anyone, the one thing that really bothered him the most was the thought that he could not even recognize his own daughters without his glasses or his contacts.

Read more about how LASIK was the best gift Marc ever received.

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“The world is a much brighter place now” – Laser Cataract Patient shares her surgery experience

Before surgery, Ms. Janet had bad distance vision and did not drive at night anymore because the glare was bothering her so much. She said the lens in her left eye was so thick it made her look like “Mr. McGoo”!
These glasses were the icing on the cake for Ms. Janet, and she then decided, this isn’t going to work. She quickly made an appointment with our office to come in for a cataract evaluation.

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Personal LASIK Experience from Me to You. Summer is flying by, come see us for a FREE consultation ASAP!

We have written many blogs about patient experiences at our office.

Patient LASIK experiences, Patient Laser Cataract Experiences, Patient’s experiences with clinical trials we are conducting…but after doing our research, none of the blogs have been viewed as much as the ones regarding personal friends. We posted one a couple years back about the horrors of a friend sleeping in her contacts. Believe it or not, that is our highest viewed blog to date. Read more about MY personal LASIK experience!

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New SMILE procedure, a LASIK alternative offered in Houston, Texas at Slade & Baker Vision Center

When heavily immersed in a profession, you sometimes lose sight of what outsiders and the public may think about the surgeries and patients you are around daily.

This happens to all of us lucky staff members at Slade & Baker Vision Center.

We were the first clinical trial site in all of Texas to provide the SMILE procedure to patients. There are only FIVE sites in the entire United States.

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There should be a reward at the end…I don’t ask for much, just NO GLASSES! A Laser Cataract Surgery Experience

Luckily when Ms. Boswell arrived at our office, she found she was not suffering from a corneal disease, but was experiencing vision loss from maturing cataracts.

She describes that her vision was fuzzy on the edges and she complained about seeing badly at the end of the day due to her eyes being tired. She would have to put on her glasses at night.

Ms. Boswell has worn glasses since she was 7 years old. She got fitted for contacts at 15 years old. Read more to hear this patient’s entire story after YEARS of eye correction!

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Fighting Blindness

For those of you who have not heard of keratoconus, it is a corneal disease that causes structural changes within the cornea causing the cornea to thin and bulge outward into a steeper, irregular, more conical shape than its normal gradual curve. Keratoconus can cause substantial visual loss of vision, image distortion, streaking of lights, sensitivity to light, and multiple images, etc. Keratoconus affects about one person in a thousand, and yet the exact cause of it is uncertain.

Dr. Slade has been involved with finding a safe treatment for keratoconus from its discovery and this has been an ongoing effort for several years. He has been interviewed and featured in this article of Ocular Surgery News. Click on this blog to read more!

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The Importance of Bedside Manner

Ms. Nancy Hamner saw her regular eye doctor every year in the beautiful Woodlands, Texas. As the mother of an optometrist, her vision was always something she considered and took good care of. She started to notice she couldn’t see street signs the same, but her vision issues didn’t seem really serious until she went on her yearly summer road trip with her husband in their motor home.

Usually considered the co-pilot, Ms. Hamner found she could not read the street signs to her husband while he was driving the motor home, not even during the day…

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Great LASIK Patient Experience at Slade & Baker Vision Center

As you all know, we usually don’t take the time to sit in front of our computers and actually write a review when we had a GOOD experience.

We usually only take the time to login, create a username/password and type (very loudly and strongly) when we are MAD, ANGRY or feel like we were treated badly somewhere, whether it be a restaurant, doctors office or wherever.

We are happy to report that our happy patients have been sharing experiences with us that are not only positive but so beautiful. Their words make us realize why we wake up and do what we do every day.

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“The World wasn’t bright anymore and I’m used to the world being bright” – a Life changed by Laser Cataract Surgery

You would be surprised at how many patients who have been diagnosed with a cataract stop driving at night completely. Or even scarier, the number of them that try to drive by taking back roads or just drive extremely slowly on main roads.

For Ms. Judy Jackson, she took the safer road, although she didn’t like it. “I did not trust my Night Vision at all, and just stopped driving at night completely.” Read below for more on Judy’s Laser Cataract Surgery Experience.

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