Dr. Baker & Dr. Walton give lecture at at PECAA Meeting

Last night, Dr. Richard Baker and Dr. Bennett Walton of Slade & Baker Vision spoke at the Professional Eye Care Associates of America (PECAA) meeting.

Approximately 40 optometric physicians from the greater Houston area were in attendance.

Dr. Baker spoke about the Light Adjustable Lens. This is quite new to ophthalmology as it was only recently approved by the FDA in November of 2017. This is the first medical device system that can make adjustments to the lens power after cataract surgery to further fine-tune the vision.

Dr. Walton spoke about the following:

  1. Astigmatism considerations in cataract surgery:  how to not only clear a cataract, but get — in many cases — the best vision patients have had in many years.
  2. Minimally invasive glaucoma surgery or “MIGS”  – did you know that 90% of glaucoma patients don’t use their drops correctly?  And about half of glaucoma patients stop using their drops after 6 months, putting them at risk for permanent vision loss???  Newer, micro-invasive surgical options are revolutionizing glaucoma treatment.
  3. DMEK (Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty) and why it’s better than older corneal transplant types for Fuchs’ Dystrophy, a common hereditary cause of corneal vision loss.  Dr. Walton is one of the few surgeons in Houston performing this newest iteration of corneal transplant.

We are very proud of our doctors for all of their hard work and the skills they use every day with our patients, but we are particularly proud when they take time out of their very limited personal time, to educate other doctors in our beloved city of Houston, Texas.

We are sure that the audience enjoyed the lectures and went home with a lot of knowledge about new updates in refractive surgery, corneal disease and glaucoma!

If you are looking for the most experienced physicians with the latest technology, you have come to the right place. Please call us today to schedule an evaluation at our office at 713-626-5544!

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