Nearsighted? Have trouble seeing far away? Learn about LASIK and other options from Dr. Bennett Walton

Our very own Dr. Bennett Walton was invited to deliver a lecture entitled “SMILE versus LASIK for myopia” at the Advanced Refractive Congress in July in Miami Beach, FL.

As you can see below, Dr. Walton is at the podium, and Dr. Slade is on the screen as Dr. Walton references the fact that our doctors completed the first LASIK procedure in the US!

Myopia is the condition that many of us suffer from and we end up choosing to go forward with LASIK or another form of refractive surgery. Myopia basically means you are nearsighted or in other words, you can’t see far away. For more about Myopia and other refractive errors or conditions, please click here.

If you are starting to have trouble seeing the streetsigns down the road, or at night; or if you are a student and are struggling to see the board in the front of your classroom, it may be time to come in and get your vision evaluated to see if you are a LASIK or SMILE candidate.

For more info about the new SMILE procedure at our office, please click here.

To find out if you are a candidate for either, please call us today at [mn_location pid=’128′]{tel}[/mn_location] and come see Dr. Walton at our Houston, TX office!

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