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January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month!

January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month!

Created on: Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Glaucoma is considered a thief of sight.  There are virtually no symptoms and once vision is lost, it's gone for good. As much as 40% of vision can be lost before someone notices what is happening.  This condition is considered the leading cause of preventable blindness.

There are two main types of glaucoma.  First is primary open-angle glaucoma and the second type is angle-closure glaucoma. These are marked by an increase of intraocular pressure, or pressure inside the eye.  Secondary glaucoma refers to any case in which another disease causes or contributes to increased eye pressure.

There is no cure for glaucoma but with early detection, medication or surgery can help slow down and prevent further vision loss. The appropriate treatment depends upon the type of glaucoma that the patient has been diagnosed with.  

Studies have shown that over 60 million people throughout the world are affected by this condition. Researchers also estimate that half of them do not know they have it.  With these numbers growing we cannot stress enough how important it is to have regular eye examinations.  



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