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Why should I have my LASIK done at Slade & Baker Vision Center?

Why should I have my LASIK done at Slade & Baker Vision Center?

Created on: Friday, May 04, 2012

Making a decision to have LASIK is not an easy decision for any patient to make.  I mean, “it’s your eyes!”  How many times do we hear that from patients?! 

The fact is, they are right.  We wake up every morning and open our eyes to a world that we sometimes take for granted.  Our vision is something we don’t truly appreciate until we lose it.  With all the options out there and all the clinics that offer LASIK nowadays, it is very important that patients make a very informed decision.  There are complications that can arise especially when going somewhere that is interested in taking your money and not providing the safest of care. 

Here at Slade & Baker Vision Center, we want our patients as informed as possible and we pride ourselves on the very best in patient care.  Please join me for a quick lesson on LASIK and making the right decision.

When a patient has LASIK, they will be treated by 2 different lasers:

LASIK Step 11.  A femtosecond laser (which makes the corneal flap) 

LASIK Step 2 2. And an excimer laser (which performs the treatment by resurfacing the cornea)

Just like contact lenses and glasses, there are MANY brands of lasers out there on the market.

We have 2 laser platforms in our surgical suite - this is very rare.  Most LASIK surgeons have only one laser platform to choose from.  This is GOOD for the patient because depending on their prescription, measurements and their corneal thickness, Dr. Slade can pick and choose what laser he uses for a patient's individual eyes.  This makes the procedure more custom than it could possibly be at a clinic that only uses one laser platform.


The 2 platforms we use here are:

  • Alcon Allegretto Wavelight laser
  • Bausch & Lomb Technolas laser

Dr. Slade was the FIRST SURGEON in the United States to perform Lasik, and he was also the first to test many of the lasers out there on the market today. Different companies approach Dr. Slade to help them test new technology, so you can rest assured that if he chose to have these two laser platforms, it is because they are the best on the market today.  

The fact that Dr. Slade was the first surgeon in the US to perform LASIK makes him the doctor with the longest LASIK experience in the nation.  Many things have changed since the first procedure in the U.S. and Dr. Slade has stayed on the forefront of LASIK technology by publishing many books and articles on the importance of these changes.  He speaks annually at several ophthalmology conventions, has won multiple awards and is considered world-renowned in refractive surgery.

Dr. Slade is referred to as the “Surgeon’s Surgeon” since he has been chosen by over 450 of his fellow eye surgeons worldwide to be their surgeon when the time comes for their eye surgery.   To learn more about Dr. Slade and his credentials, please visit:

To learn more about what sets us apart in the LASIK world, please visit our Custom Lasik page:

We always encourage you to call our office and ask to speak with our refractive counselors if you have any questions about LASIK or any procedure we perform here.  Call us at 713-626-5544 to schedule a free LASIK consultation today!

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