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Dr. Stephen Slade is nominated 8 years in a row to the Best Doctors List!  Check out the press release below:


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April 16, 2013


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Houston, TX — Dr. Stephen Slade has been named one of the Best Doctors in America® for 2013. The prestigious recognition marks the eighth time that Dr. Stepen Slade has earned this honor.


The highly regarded Best Doctors in America® List, assembled by Best Doctors, Inc. and audited and certified by Gallup® results from exhaustive polling of over 45,000 physicians in the United States. In a confidential review, current physician listees answer the question, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer?”  Best Doctors, Inc. evaluates the review results, and verifies all additional information to meet detailed inclusion criteria.   


Best Doctors has earned a sterling reputation for reliable, impartial results by remaining totally independent. Doctors cannot pay to be included in the Best Doctors database, nor are they paid to provide their input. The List is a product of validated peer review, in which doctors who excel in their specialties are selected by their peers in the profession. 


Over the past 20 years, Best Doctors has earned global acclaim for its remarkable database of physicians, regarded as the world’s premier effort to create a validated, peer-reviewed database of excellence in medicine.  The Best Doctors methodology is rigorously impartial and strictly independent; only those doctors recognized as the top 5% of their respective specialty earn the honor of being named one of the Best Doctors in America.  The experts who are a part of the Best Doctors in America database provide the most advanced medical expertise and knowledge to patients with serious conditions – often saving lives in the process by finding the right diagnosis and right treatment. 


About Best Doctors:

Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School physicians, Best Doctors works with the best five percent of doctors, ranked by impartial peer review, to help people get the right diagnosis and right treatment. Gallup® has audited and certified Best Doctors, Inc.’s database of physicians, and its companion Best Doctors in America® List, as using the highest industry standards survey methodology and processes. The global health solutions company, which has grown to over 30 million members worldwide, uses state-of-the-art technology capabilities to deliver improved health outcomes while reducing costs. Best Doctors seamlessly integrates its trusted health services with large self-insured employers, insurers and other groups in every major region of the world. The company also designs and implements international insurance programs that help people be sure they get the right health solutions.


For further information, visit Best Doctors at, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, or call (800) 223-5003.


Slade & Baker Vision Center unveils a new look for their website! Feel free to take a look!

Slade & Baker Vision Center was the first site in Houston, TX that was approved by the FDA to perform Crosslinking.  Please visit the National Keratoconus Foundation's website to see all the approved CXL sites in the United States.  Please see our Clinical Trials page, and click on Corneal Crosslinking (CXL) for more information on this study.


  • Dr. Slade is named a Leading Ophthalmologist in America by Becker's ASC Review!

Becker's ASC Review Names 135 Leading Ophthalmologists in America

CHICAGO—Becker's ASC Review is pleased to announce the publication of its list of "135 Leading Ophthalmologists in America," which recognizes outstanding ophthalmologists in healthcare organizations across the country. 

The ophthalmologists named to this list lead their field in clinical and research efforts, furthering the practice of ophthalmology with their hard work, knowledge and dedication to the specialty. The chosen ophthalmologists were selected for the list based on the awards they receive from major ophthalmic organizations, their leadership in these organizations, work on professional publications and positions of service.

Physicians do not pay and cannot pay to be included on this list. There are never fees involved in Becker's ASC Review lists. Recognized providers are free to note their inclusion through marketing materials, website promotion, press releases and other media materials without paying a fee.

The full-length version of this list can be found online here:
135 Leading Ophthalmologists in America





  • Dr. Stephen Slade was elected the President of ACOS (American College of Ophthalmic Surgery) in January of 2011!





  • Please see below for Dr. Slade's publications this year!


  • Laser Cataract Surgery: State of the Art by Stephen Slade, 2011
  • Surface Ablation by Lucio Buratto and Stephen Slade, 2011
  • LASIK:  Art and Science by Lucio Buratto and Stephen Slade, 2011


LenSx Lasers Inc. Announces First Cataract Surgeries with a Femtosecond Laser in the United States




  • Dr. Stephen G. Slade performs first cases with the LenSx® Laser

March 9, 2010

Aliso Viejo, California - LenSx Lasers, Inc., world leader in laser cataract surgery, congratulates Dr. Stephen G. Slade, Slade & Baker Vision, Houston, Texas for performing the first laser cataract surgery cases in the United States using a femtosecond laser.





LenSx received the first femtosecond laser clearance for a cataract surgery indication in August 2009 for anterior capsulotomy followed by a clearance for corneal incisions in December 2009. Dr. Slade performed the surgeries with the LenSx Laser in his office-based ambulatory surgery center in Houston. All patients were counseled and eager to participate in the first US femtosecond laser cataract surgeries, and all cases were successfully completed with the implantation of a premium intraocular lens.

“I have been involved in many new technology introductions, and I know from these past experiences that LenSx, laser refractive cataract surgery, will be widely accepted by surgeons and demanded by patients in the very near future. LenSx technology will accelerate the growth and acceptance of premium cataract surgery in a way that no other methodology can. This is the cataract surgery that I would want for my friends, my family and myself.”
Lola Anderson, Houston Texas, the first US patient to experience laser cataract surgery with a premium IOL, states, “this was an awesome experience, I didn’t feel a thing”. It gave me great confidence to know that my surgeon had the very latest laser technology for my cataract surgery. Immediately after surgery, Lola asked, “can we do my other eye now?”
One hundred percent (100%) of capsulotomies performed in Houston were perfectly centered and achieved diametric accuracy of ± 0.25 mm. Precise corneal incisions were effectively created by the laser, and all were self-sealing postoperatively. Dr. Slade will present his experience at the 2010 Dulaney-AIRS Aspen Invitational Refractive Symposium on Tuesday, March 9.
Initial clinical evaluation of the LenSx Laser began in 2008 with Professor Dr. Zoltan Nagy of Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary. His findings were presented at the 2009 ASCRS, ESCRS and AAO meetings, and published in the Journal of Refractive Surgery (December 2009). Professor Nagy completed the first image-guided cataract surgeries with proprietary LenSx imaging technology in December 2009. The fully integrated LenSx Laser enables the surgeon to view and plan surgery based on every patient’s unique anatomy. Professor Nagy has now successfully performed over 500 cataract surgeries with the LenSx femtosecond laser demonstrating safety and efficacy for lens fragmentation, capsulotomy, and corneal incisions.
This milestone in the development of surgical technology for cataract surgery further establishes the role of femtosecond lasers in ophthalmology. The first ophthalmic femtosecond lasers were introduced as alternatives to automated mechanical blades used in LASIK. Since 2001, over 3 million femtosecond laser procedures have been performed, offering refractive surgery patients enhanced precision and safety. Surgeons soon will be able to offer patients a computer-guided laser alternative during cataract surgery.  LenSx is a registered trademark of LenSx Lasers, Inc.
Ron Kurtz, MD, President and CEO of LenSx Lasers Inc., stated “The LenSx system has been designed from the ground up based on input from leading ophthalmic surgeons like Drs. Slade and Nagy. We look forward to working with an even wider group as we bring this exciting new technology to the refractive cataract surgery marketplace.”
LenSx Lasers, Inc. is located in Aliso Viejo, California.

For more information, please contact Trudy Larkins, Global Marketing Director, or visit
Trudy Larkins
Ph 949 861 0987

LenSx is a registered trademark of LenSx Lasers, Inc.


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