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New LASIK Study

LASIK is done today with two lasers, a Femtosecond laser that creates a thin flap in your cornea and an Excimer laser that shapes the correction on the eye. In the past, the flap was created with a mechanically driven blade or"microkeratome". The Femtosecond laser, firing hundreds of thousands of shots a second, adds precision and reproducibility to the procedure.

We were the first in the United States to perform All Laser Bladeless LASIK and now have a new Femtosecond laser to create flaps. This laser is fully FDA approved for the technique. Our current study is to collect data for the device. If you qualify, you will be asked to make sure you return for post operative visits at one day, one week and one month for measurements.

If you qualify, there will be a significant discount in what you will have to pay for LASIK.

The best first step is to come in for a screening evaluation to see if you qualify for LASIK with this new laser. There is no charge at all for this visit.

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