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How Much Does LASIK Cost?

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

If you’ve ever worn contact lenses or glasses, you know you’ve thought about it…one of the most common question people have is: How much does LASIK cost?

As a consumer listening to XM/Sirius radio, Pandora, or even the local radio stations, you have heard the countless LASIK ads. For most of us, it’s really hard not to be confused about where to go.

I mean your vision is pretty important right, so is it wrong to bargain shop for LASIK?

Let’s look at the things you should be thinking about when contemplating a laser vision correction procedure.

First, there are different laser vision correction procedures. When you come in to see one of our specialists for a LASIK consultation, you essentially may be told about “other options” that will get you to the same result, seeing without glasses or contacts.  Those options could include LASIK, PRK, SMILE or an ICL.

Modern LASIK is still the most common pricedure, with PRK second. The main difference between LASIK and PRK is the “flap”.  Both procedures get the patient to the same end result, but LASIK has less discomfort and the result is quicker. To read more, visit our LASIK center. To read more about ICL, click here.

Second, your two eyes are different. Does this mean you will need one type of procedure on one eye and one on the other? Not necessarily, but what it does mean is that with a custom LASIK procedure, you will have two different “prescriptions” that the laser will complete on each of your eyes to get you to your goal vision.

Three, there are different lasers and LASIK technology that you should be aware of. The advances in LASIK technology since its inception make it safer and more accurate than ever before. Not every laser is the same and since you and I are not laser engineers (or whoever those geniuses are who work with the beams of light that cure our eyeballs) we will leave the difficult choices to the surgeons, but that is not to say we should trust any LASIK provider blindly…no pun intended.  Do your research and make sure you are being offered a true custom LASIK procedure for your specific needs, what is best for you!

Fourth but definitely NOT least, not every LASIK surgeon is the same. There are many surgeons offering you free LASIK consultations, discounts, and many offices who are willing to take your money.  If I’ve learned anything working alongside the first surgeon in the United States to perform LASIK, it is that the surgeon matters.

Dr. Slade has performed LASIK and laser vision correction procedures on over 500 of his colleagues (other surgeons) eyes. A doctor’s doctor. That’s pretty cool but also brings with it an awful lot of responsibility to our patients. We will not be the office to tell you we will do your surgery if you are not a candidate.  Again, do your research on the surgeon. Where did he or she go to school? What is their experience as a LASIK surgeon?  Have they been involved in research as well? Do they teach LASIK to other doctors?

A little about us…

  • Here at Slade And Baker Vision, we have not one, but THREE lasers to ensure our patients have access to the best technology for their unique prescription. Most offices have one laser platform, but fortunately, since our specialists have been so involved in refractive surgery research, we have been granted the ability to work with most, if not all LASIK platforms, and our surgeons have chosen the 3 we have for reasons we will not list in this blog, but which we are happy to share!
  • Does each laser cost you a different price? Nope, we do not change the price based on the laser the surgeon selects for the patient.
  • What procedures do we provide? Slade & Baker Vision offers laser refractive surgeries such as LASIK, PRK, SMILE and the ICL.
  • Having multiple lasers and multiple procedures allows our doctors to create the safest treatment plan for each patient.
  • We offer custom treatment solutions to achieve your unique vision goals.

In conclusion, the benefits of LASIK continue to increase while the cost of LASIK is more affordable than ever before. If you are interested in coming in for a LASIK evaluation, to determine which procedure you would be a candidate for, and to get a specific quote or see about payment plans, we are here for you.

Our doctors are available for a virtual visit to discuss your vision goals. Go to Medisprout and search for Dr. Shama Essa or Dr. Rebecca Miller to begin your LASIK journey today!

If you have any other questions, please reach out to us by calling our office at 713-626-5544, Monday through Friday!


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