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Stop The Fog With LASIK At Slade & Baker Vision

You’re at the store and you get a text, but you can’t read it.

You’re fumbling to open the plastic bag to put your fruit and veggies into and you can’t seem to find the edges.

You need to look at the back of a package to read the Nutrition Facts, and…your mask has FOGGED up your glasses. 

We have all been there.

mask fogging up glasses


As life cautiously evolves into our new “normal”, humidity and temperature changes, along with the water vapor from your own breath are causing condensation to get in your way.  The end result is your glasses fog up and you can’t see what you’re trying to do.

No matter when it happens, it’s frustrating, and in some cases can even be dangerous; for example, while driving. It also causes an extra “touch point” for you since you have to clean and wipe your glasses off.

When we are actively trying NOT to touch our faces excessively, this seems counterproductive. It’s almost like these masks are making it more difficult!

At Slade & Baker Vision, our doctors performed the FIRST LASIK in the country and although we can’t fix condensation, we can definitely help you learn about some options to get you out of your glasses.

If you’ve thought about LASIK before this pandemic hit us, and have now thought about it even more, we are offering complimentary LASIK evaluations in a fully controlled, Covid-19-safe environment here at our clinic in Houston where you will also find the largest variety of the highest end LASIK technology and equipment.

Please call us today to schedule a consultation with the doctors who have the longest standing experience and ask us more about our BEST LASIK pricing ever offered at 713-626-5544.

You won’t regret investing in your vision. LASIK is a gift that will last you long after you have to wear that mask! 


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