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Read about how LASIK, IntraLASE, CK Surgery and other types of refractive surgery have improved the quality of life of these patients from Houston and around the world - (Individual results may vary).


Who do I recommend for LASIK surgery? There is no question – Dr. Slade! He has performed LASIK on more DOCTORS, other eye surgeons than anyone in the world, over 350 other eye surgeons have chosen him for their own eye surgery. He has done tens of thousands of patients. Ask around, thousands of people can’t be wrong.


How did I find a doctor I trusted to do my refractive surgery? Well, I took my mother to see Dr. Slade for her cataract surgery, after a friend recommended him. I was impressed at the attention Dr. Slade & his staff gave to my mom. They spent a great deal of time with her & answered every one of her questions and if you know my mom there were lots of them.

Mom went ahead & had her cataract surgery & she’s doing great, so during her last visit I asked Dr. Slade about refractive surgery. He asked me a number of questions & then asked Dr. Baker, his associate, to take a quick look at me. Well, a quick look turned into a 30-minute discussion of important issues related to refractive surgery & to the alternatives I had not only to correct my vision, but also to possibly improve it.

I researched the information I had been given, asked some of my friends about their refractive surgery, went to several vision correction seminars & finally decided that DR’s Slade & Baker were the ones I would entrust my vision to, hands down.

Their genuine caring & hands on approach combined with their state of the art facility & equipment gave me the confidence to go ahead with refractive surgery. Here I am one year later seeing better than I ever have before & really enjoying life without contact lenses.

If you are thinking about refractive surgery, I would suggest you do your homework & learn as much as you can about these procedures. Talk to people who have had the surgery and if you value your eyes as much as I do, talk with Dr. Slade & Dr. Baker.


There are literally hundreds of doctors performing refractive eye surgery in the country & when I started to consider refractive surgery, frankly I didn’t know who to go to. But, as I started to investigate the variety of options for vision correction, Dr. Slade’s name kept popping up.

So, after going to several doctors for consultation & information, I finally visited Dr. Slade & I can tell you there is no comparison. Dr. Slade is by far the most experienced refractive surgeon in the area. He introduced LASIK to the United States in 1991, performing the first LASIK in North America along with Stephen Brint. In fact, virtually all surgeons who now do LASIK learned from Dr. Slade.

But more importantly, Dr. Slade & Dr. Baker were not just interested in scheduling me for LASIK. Unlike several of the other practices I visited, they spent a great deal of time with me discussing my options and in their works “were more interested in making sure my vision would be as good as it could be rather then performing a specific vision correction procedure”. They performed a whole battery of special tests with some really cool advanced equipment and after a great deal of discussion, WE decided that LASIK would be the best alternative for my particular vision problem.

Well, I went ahead with LASIK and it’s like a whole new world. I don’t know why I didn’t get this done earlier. Do I recommend LASIK? Well based on my experience LASIK may not be the best alternative for you. But, if you are interested in refractive surgery, I would certainly recommend Dr’s Slade & Baker as the practice you should visit.


Everything is going well. After 40 years in glasses and the last 20 in contacts, it is taking a bit to get used to being able to see. But that’s a task that I am more than willing to undertake.


Thanks Doc. Your professional ability will be remembered by myself always. I am fortunate to have this gift and you as my physician.


I can’t even tell you how happy I am! I wish I could’ve done this a long time ago. With a 9-month-old and a 20-month-old, I had no time for contacts! Thanks for making it such a nice experience. Everyone was very professional and so nice.


Eyes are fine, and I really love the results. No more hassling with contacts and glasses.


Thanks so much for your kindness. Things are looking better all the time!


The gift of sight that you have given to me will remain always on my mind and in my heart.


Still I am unable to find the correct words to express how I feel about the wonderful difference you have made in my life. Most people would think that you are just doing your jobs, but just choosing this type of work shows what special people you are.

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