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Read about how LASIK, IntraLASE, CK Surgery and other types of refractive surgery have improved the quality of life of these patients from Houston and around the world - (Individual results may vary).

LASIK/SMILE Patient – April 2016

When you walk into a Doctors office you always wonder how fast you will be seen and how well you will be treated. I recently had LASIK and SMILE surgery done and I had to make two office visits. One to get measurements and one for the surgery. Both of those times were simply amazing. I have never met that many nice people in my life at a Doctors office. From the beautiful front counter receptionist all the way to the Doctors themselves everyone had a kind heart. They didn’t seem like any other office where employees wanted to get their hours and go home. They always looked as if it was home for them and did everything in their power to make me feel at home and comfortable. Even during the surgery a nurse sat beside me and held my hand. She didn’t have to pull my hands out of my pockets, but she did and that gave me all the the reason to believe that I was in the best of hands. Thank you Slade & Baker for giving me the opportunity to wake up every morning and to see just how beautiful my wife is without having to grab my glasses first.

Laser Cataract Patient – December 1, 2011

I am so pleased with my “new” eyes! As predicted, my distance and computer vision is perfect and I really enjoy being without the necessity of glasses. The surprise is that after 4 weeks, I am still reading up close (in good light) without glasses. You told me to expect that to go away in a few days but it has not. I do use my 1.0 readers to avoid straining when necessary, but often, I just don’t need them. I am amazed.

Many thanks for the great treatment. I FEEL like you and your staff went to extra lengths to diagnose what I needed to achieve this and I KNOW that you altered your normal schedule to get me out quickly, so you are much appreciated.

Best regards
G.P. (had laser cataract surgery on November 2, 2011)

LASIK Patient – November 7, 2011:

“Would you tell Dr. Slade for me a HUGE THANK YOU! I am seeing 20/20. It is wonderful to see this great! I am just driving around Houston seeing things I have not seen in six years. I now believe in MIRACLES and the great Dr. Slade, Dr. Baker and the wonderful team. You changed my life…”

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