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Welcome to the cataract surgery center of Slade & Baker Vision Center. If you suffer from cataracts or have lost the ability to see up close, you have come to the right practice. Dr. Slade is a pioneer in the field of refractive cataract surgery. Our patients not only have the choice to see at all distances after surgery, but they were also the first patients in the United States that could have laser cataract surgery.

Modern vs Traditional Cataract Surgery - Dr. Bennett Walton, Slade & Baker Vision

Laser cataract surgery was first performed in the United States by Dr. Stephen Slade within our office surgical suite. Laser cataract surgery uses the femtosecond laser to do many of the steps currently performed by hand and is designed to provide a greater level of precision and safety to modern cataract surgery.

“I have been involved in many new technology introductions, and I know from these past experiences that Laser Cataract Surgery, will be widely accepted by surgeons and demanded by patients all over the world,” said Dr. Slade after the procedure. “This is the cataract surgery that I would want for my friends, my family, and myself.”

Dr. Stephen Slade M.D., who performed the first bladeless laser cataract surgery in the US, performed LIVE laser cataract surgery at the ASCRS meeting in 2011. The laser is now approved in the US. Laser cataract surgery uses a Femtosecond laser to do many of the steps that have been done in the past by hand in cataract surgery. The use of the laser may add safety and precision to cataract surgery.

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