Cataract Surgery Options

At Slade and Baker Vision we offer three Cataract Surgery options:

Advanced Custom Vision

With our “Advanced Custom Vision” option, your surgeon uses the latest ophthalmic technology to achieve your personal best vision and an Advanced Technology Lens implant to help you reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses at all distances.

Custom Vision

With our “Custom Vision” option, your surgeon will tailor your visual outcome to meet your personal desire for your best vision. Custom Vision is most commonly used for those patients who primarily want good distance vision with less dependence on glasses and don’t mind wearing eyeglasses for near and intermediate vision.

Basic Vision

With our “Basic Vision” option, your surgeon will help you achieve improved quality of vision by removing the cataract and using a standard, monofocal lens. Basic Vision is for those patients who plan to wear contacts or glasses all of the time to correct any residual nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism after cataract surgery.

Cataract Surgery Insurance Considerations

It is important to note that Medicare and most insurance carriers consider cataracts a medically covered procedure. They do not, however, consider reducing your dependence on glasses to improve your vision as a “medical necessity,” and therefore will not cover the cost associated with any of the intraocular lenses or procedures that are used to reduce your dependence on glasses. If you have a medically qualifying cataract, your insurance company will be billed and you will be financially responsible for the elective portion of the procedure along with any copayments, co-insurance or deductibles. At Slade & Baker Vision we provide access to a number of financing options to suit your budget and to make seeing clearly affordable.

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