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“I love my new LASIK eyes! Dr. Slade was the first in the US to do LASIK and has the latest technology. It only took a few minutes and didn’t hurt at all. I went out to dinner that first night!”


“I am writing this to express my appreciation for what you and your staff have done for me.

Glasses and contact lenses have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Last year I was faced with the possibility of no longer being able to wear contacts. The vision I had with glasses was so poor that I could not pass a driving eye test. This left me with two options: wear glasses and give up driving and my livelihood or have surgery on my eyes and pray.

The latter was my choice, so after some researching I scheduled LASIK surgery…All the pain, worry and money were of no consequence when compared with the results.

For the first time in over fourteen years of marriage, I can actually see my husband’s face when I kiss him goodnight right before we turn the lights off.

…My gratitude is so deep that to speak of it always brings me to tears…Still, I am unable to find the correct words to express how I feel for the wonderful difference you have made in my life. Most people would think that you are just doing your jobs, but just choosing this type of work shows what special people you are.”


“If you are having any doubts about having the LASIK procedure, read on.

I am a board certified ophthalmologists with a busy cataract-refractive surgery practice in New York City. I have been doing for a long time, and probably know too much about refractive surgery. So who more nervous and scared about having refractive surgery on themselves than me – nobody. I thought about everything – my wife and kids, home and mortgage, career, playing tennis, etc.

I thought about it long and hard for 3 years. But I could not wear my contacts anymore – I became intolerant. Sure I wore glasses – sunglasses all the time (even at night) yet I became depressed. As a friendly outgoing person, I became withdrawn. I even worked without glasses and contacts. Having been a Rhodes scholar – world class Olympic fencer I even stopped sports. Even worse.

So when I decided to go for it – who? Didn’t have to research as an outsider – patient but I knew. Didn’t trust anybody in NYC – either ophthalmologists I trained or ones who trained me in LASIK I decided (don’t forget I’m also very neurotic) without reservation on Dr. Stephen Slade – a colleague, highly respected refractive surgeon and superb technician. Also he’s a good Southern guy. Over 100 ophthalmologists picked him for a reason.

My life has changed – a major transformation in terms of psyche, career and life. A decision even I can’t neurose about. I can’t thank him and his staff enough. I went for it and it was a success.”


“I am an engineer, and pretty compulsive. I researched LASIK Houston and LASIK surgeons for a long time before I chose Dr. Slade. He fit the bill for me. He is the “Doctor’s Doctor” and actually wrote the main best selling textbook on LASIK He spent time and answered all my questions. Again, I’m compulsive and sometimes hard to please but Dr. Slade managed to pass all my tests. The surgery…went great. I see better than ever. Overall a great experience.”

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Slade & Baker Vision patient discusses her LASIK experience from a nurse's perspective

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