Visian ICL

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The Visian ICL is an implantable contact lens that is a particularly good solution for people with thin corneas, dry eyes, or a high prescription, although its use is not limited to those scenarios. Slade & Baker Vision has the longest experience with the Visian ICL, dating to the trials for FDA approval. During ICL surgery, the surgeon makes a tiny opening in the eye and inserts a micro-thin lens in front of the eye’s natural lens. Because the ICL is placed between the iris and the natural lens, it is removable, if necessary, through a second procedure.

Ideal Visian ICL Candidates

  • People who are 18 and older with a history of stable vision
  • People who have moderate to high nearsightedness and low astigmatism
  • Patients with dry eyes or thin corneas

If you have high astigmatism, there now is the Toric ICL option that has gained FDA approval and will be available as of November 2018.

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