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Real Contact Lens Stories from OUR office in Houston!

As Contact Lens Health Week comes to an end, we wanted to share some personal stories from one of our surgeons. Dr. Bennett Walton shared with us that he has had several patients come in for “a contact lens lost in the eye”. What I’ve found when these patients come in: – Some patients have… Read More »

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Eye Tattoos: A Follow-Up

On October 5th, we shared a story about a Canadian model who decided to get her eyeball tattooed. Since October, she has gone through so much and not only have many of you asked us, but we ourselves have been very curious about her status.   Here is the latest article about her in the… Read More »

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Flying Eye Hospitals? Jetting vision care around the world!

Classified as “the world’s only flying eye hospital” the Orbis aircraft was featured at the Dubai Airshow this November. The new Boeing MD-10 has been converted into a working hospital and flies to developing countries to provide training for doctors and nurses, as well as delivering sight-saving surgeries. Orbis International is a non-profit non-governmental organization… Read More »

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