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    The LASIK specialists at Slade & Baker Vision of Houston, Texas focus on achieving excellence in the field of ophthalmology. By insisting on the highest standards of operations and performance, our goal at Slade & Baker is to achieve the best results for our patients.  Patients from all around the world seek the professional ophthalmology and LASIK eye surgery services of Stephen Slade, MD, FACS.  Dr. Slade is a Houston, Texas native that specializes in vision correction and offers his patients an extensive list of options to help achieve their best vision. In 1991 Dr. Slade became the first surgeon in the United States to perform LASIK. Aside from pioneering LASIK eye surgery, Dr. Stephen Slade also has the longest experience with "Bladeless LASIK" or LASIK performed with the Intralase method, which involves the use of a femtosecond laser that creates the corneal flap in LASIK surgery. Dr. Stephen Slade was also the first in the US to use accommodating intraocular lenses and Laser Cataract Surgery. Laser Cataract Surgery uses a laser to perform steps previously done by hand to add precision and accuracy to cataract surgery. Dr. Slade has performed LASIK and other types of refractive surgery on tens of thousands of patients and hundreds of his fellow eye surgeons from Houston and around the world.
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    Stella F - Dr. Slade explained exactly what he was going to do and made me feel totally at ease. Surgery day was a breeze and I left thinking "Why did I wait"? I guess I was just waiting to find the right eye doctors in Houston!

    Sara S - My experience was phenomenal. Very professional and courteous employees. I was given the best customer service throughout. I was talked to respectfully and pleasantly. I felt comfortable and cared for immediately.

    Adam F - Excellent! Had LASIK back in February 2012. Vision is still perfect more than two years later, no dryness or anything. This is an excellent Houston LASIK surgeon.

    Scoot M - I recently had LASIK at S&BV in Houston and had a great experience. Every aspect of their operation is top notch and everyone there is professional and accommodating.
  • Houston Laser Cataract Surgery technology has arrived at Slade & Baker Vision Center. Our website dedicated to Houston laser cataract surgery and all the aspects of cataract surgery. Our cataract center on this website can provide a great deal of very important information. Read this before having cataract surgery as it could possibly impact your outcome. New cataract surgery utilizes the femtosecond laser cataract surgery technology, advanced technology lens implants (which enable vision at multiple distances after surgery), anesthesia improvements and microincisional no stitch cataract surgery. Call us today to get a better understanding of what vision can be like after cataract surgery.
  • Are you a candidate for LASIK eye surgery? Take our test and hear from our consultants. At Slade & Baker Vision our LASIK center is dedicated to determining accurate candidacy as this will ensure the best possible LASIK eye surgery results. If you have been seeking Houston LASIK please contact us and we can help you establish a path to better vision. Our LASIK Houston team is here to help you better understand not only your LASIK candidacy, but to also help you understand the potential lifestyle benefits that this eye surgery offers.
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  • Our Houston LASIK eye surgery center goes way beyond what other centers do to help our patients overcome affordability issues with LASIK surgery. We offer LASIK Houston Financing, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), and we also accept credit card payments. Dr. Stephen Slade wants all of Houston to enjoy LASIK eye surgery and goes way beyond the level of other Houston LASIK centers to help people afford LASIK vision correction.

    Getting started with LASIK Houston research can be overwhelming! There are so many LASIK websites and so many doctors that perform the surgery it is hard to know where to start. If you are considering Dr. Slade for your LASIK eye surgery you can rest assured that you have found a surgeon with credible experience. Dr. Stephen Slade is a top Houston LASIK surgeon and has performed thousands LASIK procedures. Dr. Slade has been a leader in the field of LASIK refractive surgery since the beginning of LASIK in the United States.