Why Treat Dry Eye and How?

Dr. Stephen Slade recently did an interview for the Refractive Surgery Council about Dry Eye Responses for the Healthy.  Below you will find the interview and learn so much about dry eye options!  There has been a huge increase in our knowledge around dry eye and our ability to treat it. We know so much… Read More »
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Dry Eye Clinic at Slade & Baker Vision

Believe it or not, one of the most common visits and diagnoses we see here at Slade & Baker Vision is Dry Eyes. At Slade & Baker Vision, we have our very own Dry Eye Clinic, where we offer just about every treatment option for Dry Eyes. In fact, we even have a dedicated dry… Read More »
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LASIK vs. Contact Lenses: Which is Riskier?

Here is a topic that we deal with on a daily basis, and perhaps you have even considered it once or twice. We wanted to have an open discussion with our readers about LASIK and how they feel about it in relation to wearing contacts, as that is usually a day-to-day struggle. Because contact lenses… Read More »
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Love Swimming but Hate Contact Lenses?

Have you ever tried swimming in a pool with your contact lenses on? WHAT A MESS! We recently all related with an Olympic athlete (which does NOT happen often) from London, Ontario, Maggie Mac Neil, when we saw the image in this Daily Hive Article. We loved it so much, we shared the article along… Read More »
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