Sex After Eye Surgery

****Please note that this blog post contains themes more mature than our typical blog post.  Our goal in this post is to communicate clearly and specifically without being inappropriate.**** One of the frequently asked questions after LASIK or cataract surgery is:  “Can I have sex after surgery?” It’s a question that many ask, but even more… Read More »
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Can I Have Both Cataracts Done at the Same Time?

Every cataract patient is different, and every surgery is different.  But one thing remains the same.  Once eye number one has cataract surgery, almost all patients ask “WHEN CAN I HAVE MY SECOND EYE DONE?”! This is a common theme and for many years, surgeons have not traditionally done two eyes on the same day.… Read More »
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When is My Vision Stable Enough For LASIK?

I was just talking to a 26-year-old friend about her latest eye doc appointment and how she was getting new contacts. I reminisced about getting LASIK at 28 years old and how much it changed my life. We compared contact lens prescriptions and she said ‘Wait. I thought my vision had to ‘not change’ for… Read More »
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World Glaucoma Awareness Week

This week is World Glaucoma Awareness Week.  As providers of vision solutions here at Slade and Baker Vision we want to assist in shedding light on this disease. Glaucoma is the leading cause of preventable irreversible blindness worldwide. That means it is the main reason that people who don’t need to go blind, go blind. We see… Read More »
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When Can I Go Back to the Gym After LASIK?

We get quite a bit of questions from our LASIK patients and prospective LASIK patients that we enjoy answering.  Some just come up A LOT so we thought it would be helpful to answer those really, really frequent questions in some mini blogs. So let’s start with… If I have Lasik, when can I go… Read More »
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