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Patient Financing

Free Consultation

The first step to eliminate your dependence on glasses or contact lenses is to visit Slade and Baker Vision in Houston, Texas for a free consultation. You can learn about the options that best suit your needs to correct your vision.

Slade and Baker Vision, a leader in laser eye surgery center in Houston Texas, offers a free consultation for each patient to determine whether LASIK or other types of refractive surgery are the best option for vision correction. The most common mistake the prospective surgery patient makes is trying to figure out if they want to have surgery before they really know their options. The first step is to find out if you are a candidate for surgery, and for which surgery. What are your odds? Are you a good candidate? We offer free consultations for this very reason. Come in, we’ll measure your eyes, and sit down and discuss your options with you, the pros and cons. Then you’re able to take your time and decide what you want to do, knowing what options are available for your specific situation. This really is the “First Step”.


CareCredit Healthcare Credit Card for Better Vision

There is an easier way to pay for your vision care including LASIK. We’re pleased to accept the CareCredit credit card, North America’s leading patient healthcare financing program. CareCredit lets you begin your procedure immediately — then pay for it over time with monthly payments that fit easily into your monthly budget. Whether you’re considering LASIK, need cataract surgery, or it’s simply time for new glasses or contacts, CareCredit can help you see clearer, sooner.


Your Healthcare Credit Card

CareCredit is the credit card exclusively designed for healthcare services. CareCredit offers special financing on purchase of $200 or more* for healthcare procedures not commonly covered by insurance, including LASIK and Premium-IOLs. Why put off improving your vision tomorrow, when you can see clearer today?

Vision & Lasik Credit Card & Financing | CareCredit

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Visit for details.



During the free consultation, you can learn more about the cost for LASIK and other refractive surgery procedures. The costs vary depending on the procedure that is best suited to correct your vision.

Free, anytime consultation. This is the “First Step” and it’s free. It’s probably the most important money you don’t have to spend, ever. We’ll measure your eyes and then sit down and in a relaxed, private consultation, we’ll go over your options, answer your questions, address your concerns. Then take your time, and decide in an informed fashion what is best for you.

Our Costs

When shopping for price, make sure you are getting the whole cost and not just a “bait and switch.” Does the quoted price include everything, the exams before, the care after, all the tests, and all fees? Our prices include all of the workup, procedure and after care costs. We are not the cheapest but rather strive to be the best. It is important to remember “you get what you pay for” so potential LASIK candidates that are “price shopping” should remember they are shopping for one of the most important things in their lives, their vision.

LASIK Financing

The total cost for LASIK, or other refractive surgery procedures, is not the only question you should ask concerning the affordability of refractive surgery. We also offer attractive financing programs.

Call to learn more about the financing options we offer at Slade and Baker Vision, Houston Texas, for LASIK, and other types of refractive surgery. Your Houston LASIK specialists!

If you have questions, please do not ever hesitate to call our office at 713-626-5544 and speak to our experts and schedule a consultation today!

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