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(From Left to Right: Dr. Rebecca Miller, Dr. Bennett Walton, Dr. Richard Baker, Dr. Stephen Slade & Dr. Shama Essa)

LASIK and other forms of laser eye surgery and refractive surgery require skill and experience. Our doctors have experience with many refractive surgery techniques and offer them here in Houston, Texas. This helps you because you are not squeezed into a “one size fits all” operation. Our doctors were the first in North America to perform LASIK. We were also the first in North America to implant the accommodating IOL, the Crystalens which helps treat presbyopia or difficulty with reading vision. We also have the nation’s longest experience with all laser LASIK where no blades are used. Our doctors have performed tens of thousands of refractive surgery procedures on patients from Houston, Texas and around the world.

Stephen G. Slade MD, FACS and Richard N. Baker OD have practiced together since 1983. In 1995 they founded the Laser Center of Houston as a referral clinic for patient care, physician education and as an investigational site to advance the art of refractive surgery. Since then, Bennett Walton, MD, Shama Essa, OD, and Rebecca Miller, OD have also joined the practice. They head a multilingual team of technicians, many of whom have had refractive surgery themselves at the center. Drs. Slade and Baker have directed the training of most of the surgeons now doing LASIK in the United States. Many of these same surgeons have chosen Dr. Slade for their own surgery. Indeed, Dr. Slade is the “Doctor’s Doctor”, over 400 eye surgeons have chosen us for their own refractive surgery.

We now have the best options that we have ever had to address each patient’s particular refractive error. We offer intraocular lenses and “permanent contact lenses” which may be the best option for some patients. We continue to lead the way in new procedures with the laser microkeratome, the first modern inlay procedure in North America and the first accommodating intraocular lens for presbyopia to avoid reading glasses, as well as the SMILE (Small Incision Lencticule Extraction) procedure. We are also always working on solutions to help our patients reduce their dependence on reading glasses.

We continually try to maximize our outcomes and minimize the chance for complications. We plan to always offer the latest technology and most advanced surgery to help you achieve your best possible vision. We believe the more you know about refractive surgery, the better your experience will be. We want to help you make your decision as informed as possible and in your own time. We hope this information will help. Please feel free to ask us any questions and continue to educate yourself about this technology. Please remember that refractive surgery is elective surgery. The final choice whether to have surgery must be your own. Modern refractive surgery can provide very good results with a minimum of complications, but there will always be some risk.

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