Smile procedure

Dr. Slade and SMILE Patient

We were all SMILES at Slade & Baker Vision yesterday!

Dr. Slade performed the FIRST SMILE with Astigmatism procedure in TEXAS yesterday post FDA approval, and our patient, Jenny N. was very happy!

We were also the one of the top ten sites to have the astigmatism technology for SMILE in the entire country!

You may be wondering:

What is SMILE?

ZEISS ReLEx® SMILE® uses the latest in laser technology to gently
create a thin, contact-lens shaped layer just beneath the surface of the eye which is removed through a tiny opening.

It’s helpful to share some answers with you to questions we hear at our office every day about the SMILE procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about SMILE:

  1. “Is it safe?” 

PROVEN:  SMILE is a proven laser vision correction procedure that has created clearer vision for millions of people worldwide with minimal risk.

2.  “How does it feel? Does it hurt?”

GENTLE:  SMILE is one of the gentler vision correction procedures available. The treatment is so comfortable that most people say they feel nothing at all and consistently describe SMILE as painless and very comfortable both during and after the procedure.

3.  “How long does the procedure take?”

FAST:  From start to finish, the whole procedure takes just minutes, with the laser doing its job in just around 30 seconds!

4. “When can I go back to work?”

QUICKLY:  Because it is minimally-invasive, people often return to most of their daily activities the day after their SMILE procedure.

For more info on the SMILE procedure in general, specifically our experience being the first in TEXAS to compete the SMILE procedure with astigmatism, please check out our recent blog post about SMILE here and our post about Zeiss choosing us to be one of the first locations to perform SMILE!

We are ALWAYS here to answer your questions too, so please call us at 713-626-5544 or send us a Facebook message and we are happy to contact you about any questions regarding the SMILE procedure!

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s SMILE patient Jenny N. with Dr. Slade!

Pictured: Dr. Stephen Slade, Jenny (our SMILE patient) and her husband!