Eyeball tattoo

On October 5th, we shared a story about a Canadian model who decided to get her eyeball tattooed. Since October, she has gone through so much and not only have many of you asked us, but we ourselves have been very curious about her status.

Here is the latest article about her in the Washington Post:  https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2017/12/02/a-model-tattooed-her-eyeball-purple-she-now-could-lose-her-eye/?utm_term=.68369680fc5a

In this article Ms. Gallinger shared that she attempted to go in for a surgery without sedation at the end of November but ended up suffering the “worst panic attack in my life.” The fact she skipped out on the surgery means she is now at high risk for eye loss, so she is now exploring sedated surgery options.

“This is beyond heartbreaking. I CANNOT open it at all without significant effort,” Gallinger wrote Nov. 24. “Since I’ve always been honest on here, I will continue to be. My hope is gone. I’m very close to asking for removal. I’m so tired of it all.”

Our advice remains the same as the advice we shared on October 5th, DON’T DO IT.  The repercussions are not worth it everyone.  This is such a sad story.  This model started a GoFundMe page to help her with all her treatment expenses. Please see the link shared above for more about her story.

If you have any eye concerns or want advice on an upcoming “eye” decision for surgery, tattooing, etc., we URGE you to call an eye professional, preferably, one of the ones at our office! 713-626-5544