Cataract surgery houston

bilateral cataract photo

Every cataract patient is different, and every surgery is different.  But one thing remains the same.  Once eye number one has cataract surgery, almost all patients ask “WHEN CAN I HAVE MY SECOND EYE DONE?”!

This is a common theme and for many years, surgeons have not traditionally done two eyes on the same day.

Even though cataract surgery has risks as every other type of surgery, it is considered a relatively low-risk procedure.  Our Surgeons are now doing both eyes on the same day. Of course, the surgeon must be satisfied with the first eye before he would proceed to the second.

Bilateral Cataract Surgery has multiple potential advantages:

  • Minimizes patient visits to the surgical facility and their doctor’s office. Both eyes are seen on each post op exam, cutting the visits in half.
  • Faster recovery to binocular vision particularly seen in patients with high refractive errors
  • A “smoother” visual recovery, easier eyer op coordination
  • Save overall time for the “surgical process” for the patient
  • Large studies in the US with thousands of patients have shown safety with bilateral surgery

At the ASCRS meeting, Dr. Slade shared “we are so overjoyed to now allow patients this convenience and ability to not have to step into the OR two separate times. Not to mention the fact they can wake up and have their eyes heal together. It makes a world of difference, and we knew it would be the better option.”

We specialize in cataract surgery at Slade & Baker Vision and offer multiple lens options.  We have also recently been using the RXSight Light Adjustable lens in Bilateral Cataract Cases.

If you or a loved one has been experiencing blurry vision or has been diagnosed with a cataract, please call us at 713-626-5544 or write us at and schedule an evaluation at our office with one of our cataract specialists.