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Seeing Brighter: What Cataracts In Children Have Taught Us

Cataracts are important to more than just vision, at any age. An article published in American Journal of Ophthalmology by Moug Al-Makri et al., found that there’s more than a fourfold increased risk of anxiety disorders and twofold increased risk of neurodevelopment delay in children with a cataract compared to children without a cataract, even after… Read More »

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How Do You Know If You Have A Cataract?

Do you feel that colors have lost their crispness or are ‘muted’? Are things that usually look bright white, looking yellowish? Are you unsure about whether you should be driving at night? Have you handed the keys to your significant other, or other friends of yours because you don’t trust yourself? Are things a little… Read More »

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Cataract Surgery Can Help Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia

A new article in the New York Times this week sheds some new, really exciting light, on another bad thing that cataract surgery helps patients avoid. We once wrote a blog about a study which proved that Cataract Surgery statistically helped patients avoid falling, and therefore, avoid injuries, so this new study – sharing that… Read More »

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Psoriasis Affects the Cornea and What That Means For Ocular Surgery

A new study in Ophthalmology Advisor has revealed that patients who have been diagnosed with psoriasis should have routine eye exams due to corneal structural and functional changes.  This study also showed that these changes are important because they should be considered prior to undergoing any eye surgery. The recent prospective, comparative, cross-sectional study, published… Read More »

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Cataract Awareness Month: Treat Dry Eye Before Cataracts

In honor of Cataract Awareness Month we wanted to introduce something we offer that doesn’t treat cataracts, but actually may assist in better cataract surgery outcomes. We love to educate patients on cataracts, the causes, symptoms, and treatments available, so we created this CATARACT BLOG a couple of years ago for that background. We also… Read More »

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Surgery at Slade & Baker Vision: In a Patient’s Words

In a recent blog we shared where Slade & Baker Vision patients interested in cataract or lens replacement surgery go to make their dreams come true: Summit Surgery Center in Houston, Texas. We shared that the majority of other surgery centers provide surgeons from different specialties with space to operate, but Summit Surgery Center is private,… Read More »

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