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Our last blog focused on the place where the magic happens for Slade & Baker Vision patients interested in cataract or lens replacement surgery: Summit Surgery Center in Houston, Texas.

We shared some background on the Director of Nursing at Summit and what she has experienced in guiding her team to help our patients through the surgery process every day. While the majority of other surgery centers provide available space to a variety of specialties, Summit Surgery Center is private, highly specialized, and dedicated solely to eye surgery. The Slade & Baker Vision management team equipped Summit with the latest, state of the art equipment. Our surgeons, Dr. Stephen Slade and Dr. Bennett Walton, are the only surgeons who use the space, and everything is controlled for only our patients and our dedicated, and trained staff which is involved in the same surgery all of the time.

In this post, we wanted to delve into the surgery process from a patient perspective and share some patient commentary, directly from our patients in their own words:

  • Excellent experience. The staff thoroughly explained pre-op and post-op. I love my new vision.
  • Walton was fantastic. He was so nice and truly cared about the surgery. All the nurses were so nice. A+ service from everyone in the office.
  • I was a bit nervous at first because it is my eyes. All of the doctors and nurses were so reassuring. I was completely at ease. Highly recommend this practice.
  • Slade and staff just an awesome experience. Wonderful staff.
  • Probably the most comfortable experience ever for a procedure that to me was the most serious surgery ever- and I have had some serious stuff.
  • I was very impressed with the professionalism. Monica and Mydea took real good care of me. Renee and Dr. Beers, excellent. And what can I say, Dr. Slade is great.
  • Everyone was very kind and helpful. Dr. Walton did an amazing job and my vision is much better than expected. I am very grateful.
  • Everyone at Summit is super nice and caring and know what they are doing. Explaining what was going to happen. Dr. Walton is the greatest. Caring and professional. He tells you what he is doing while he is doing the procedure. I tell everyone I know about Slade and Baker and Summit the best experience.
  • Highly professional staff. Thank you, Dr. Slade, for being so professional at your work. Felt very comfortable and at ease.
  • Slade + staff were very nice + made the experiences less stressful. Dr Poland also gets high marks.
  • Very impressed with Dr. Slade + his professional staff, especially Dr. Essa!!
  • I am 100% satisfied with results. I no longer need glasses to perform everyday activities and I can now drive at night. Dr. Walton asked me what outcome I was looking for and I told him shooting. I need to be able to focus on my handgun front sight and still be able to identify targets down range. As a result of this procedure, I’m able to see near, intermediate, and far. Dr. Walton and his staff are the best.
  • Slade and his staff are very efficient & courteous in their jobs. They go out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable in every way. I would absolutely recommend Summit Surgery & Dr. Slade & staff to everyone needing eye surgery.

We are delighted by messages like these from our patients, and we know we would not have received them if it was not for every single team member involved. In Dr. Slade’s words, “Summit is the best place I have ever operated” – which means a whole lot coming from a surgeon who has had the opportunity to operate in the best of locations. 

We are so grateful to work within this sensational surgery team; from our surgeons and their incredible skills, to our fantastic nurse team at the Surgery Center, everyone makes a difference throughout a patient’s journey with us.

If you have any questions about our surgery process or what procedures we do or do not provide, please feel free to call our office at 713-626-5544.