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Woman having her eyes examined

As data emerges ‘post’ the pandemic, we are seeing some really serious repercussions due to lockdown in medical journals.

For example, the rise of women with certain types of cancer because of the drop in annual OBGYN exams during the pandemic.  These numbers extend way further than just cancer into all medical fields and are pretty scary.

For all of us who lived through the pandemic, it is certainly understandable that patients were scared during the first few months of lockdown to visit any medical offices or see too many people, but we are here to share that now it really is time to take a hold of your health!

The same goes for your eyes!

There is grand importance in getting your annual eye exam – “Why?”  You may ask.

We will try to keep it simple here.

The obvious answer, For Your Vision – how do you see the world?

If a lot of time has gone by since your last eye visit, your prescription may have changed.  You may also have developed an astigmatism, and if you had one prior, it may have worsened.  Whether you are myopic or not, you may need a new set of glasses or contacts due to that change.  There are also new options in refractive surgery that may make laser vision correction an option for you!  Ask your eye doctor about these!  There is no way to find out unless you are seen by a professional that can give you all your options.

Eye Diseases – every day, during routine eye examinations, ophthalmologists and optometrists diagnose corneal conditions, glaucoma, diseases that affect the retina/macula and common conditions like Dry Eye Disease.

If you don’t go in to get looked at, you could be walking around with something uncomfortable like Dry Eye, that could easily be treated, or even worse, a condition that needs a potential surgery or prescription eye regimen to prevent you from losing your sight.  Take it from us, your sight is one of your most important, treasured senses, but one of the most ‘taken for granted’ senses.

It’s true what they say especially with your vision: You don’t know what you have until you lose it.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We share all of this with caution of course. If you do make an appointment at any office for your health or otherwise, please be cautious, if unvaccinated, wear a mask and take all proper precautions stated by the CDC. There are variants detected that have caused COVID numbers to rise again, so what we are saying is make sure to see your doctors, and not push your health to the side, as long as you are very careful in doing so!

If you would like to schedule an eye exam with our doctors at Slade & Baker Vision, please send us a request at info@visiontexas.com or call us at 713-626-5544!