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As the seasons change from fall to winter and the air gets dryer, we thought it would be the perfect time to share some information with you about dry eyes.

We are so excited to share this brand new experience from one of our patients with chronic dry eye syndrome.

This patient:

• Has had Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome for over 5 years
• She has tried all different drops possible (gels, etc.)
• She was placed on our Serum Tears Plasma Treatment 6 times daily

At her last appointment at our office, this patient told us that she was “normal”, meaning she did not have to get up in the middle of the night for her drops and woke up feeling “normal.”

Her visual acuity was clearer than it had been in years. She even started to lessen her dosing because she was so much better.

Some days, she would try 4 times (instead of 6) then she eventually decreased to twice a day only. Important to note, this was her first fill of the serum tears treatment

She saw a decline in visual acuity and knew that she needed to do what the doctor ordered. She is in complete “awe” of the plasma’s ability.

In conclusion – the most important thing to mention is that this patient lives 5 hours away. She told us she is willing to drive for such an amazing result and that is the biggest compliment of all!

We wanted to share this because over 2 years ago we announced this “new custom dry eye treatment” at Slade & Baker Vision via our blog. Since then, we have had many patients with amazing results such as this one!

In August of 2018, our phlebotomist joined our practice and began this customized treatment based on each patient’s own blood plasma.

The Serum Tears treatment treats corneal defects that come from dryness or damage and can help patients with anywhere from mild to moderate dry eye symptoms all the way to severe dry eye symptoms.

You are welcome to visit our original Serum Tears blog article for a detailed step-by-step breakdown of what this dry eye treatment looks like, but as a quick summary, our dry eye specialists would create a customized treatment plan for you with your own tears. Our dry eye specialist would do a simple blood draw and use the serum to customize a sterile eye drop for you. The bottles you take home would last approximately 3.5 months, and our dry eye specialist will follow up with you to check and see how you are progressing.

Everyone’s dry eye arises from different causes and should be treated uniquely!

Call us today at 713-626-5544 or write us at info@visiontexas.com if you or a loved one suffers from dry eye symptoms as this dry eye treatment may be just the right thing for you!