Why Treat Dry Eye and How?

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Dr. Stephen Slade recently did an interview for the Refractive Surgery Council about Dry Eye Responses for the Healthy.  Below you will find the interview and learn so much about dry eye options!  There has been a huge increase in our knowledge around dry eye and our ability to treat it. We know so much…

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Home Remedies for Dry Eyes

Dry eye houston,Dry eyes,Ophthalmology houston

Dr. Stephen Slade, M.D., the founder of Slade & Baker Vision in Houston and member of the Refractive Surgery Council editorial advisory board was recently interviewed by the Refractive Surgery Council for an article that has been featured in Parade Magazine about home remedies for dry eye. We wanted to share his findings and assessments with…

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Masks Can Dry Out Your Eyes

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They are essential these days, and something most of us are all too familiar with: MASKS. This new necessary accessory has taken some getting used to. Many of us have gone from basic disposable masks to high quality, reusable masks, accessories for our masks, and some unfortunate circumstances that come from wearing these masks. Some…

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Is Poor Sleep Linked to Glaucoma?

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The Link Between Poor Sleep and Glaucoma The American Academy of Ophthalmology reported that a study conducted in the US released that over 6,700 people over 40 years old revealed a possible connection between having glaucoma and having sleep problems. The optic nerve is responsible for sending signals from your eye to your brain, and…

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