Dr. Slade and Patient

Nothing speaks more highly when you are deciding whether you should make a decision for a medical procedure than when you hear from a patient that has gone through a similar experience.

Please read below.  This is one of our keratoconus patients that was treated by Drs. Slade and Baker at our clinic.  She chose to write this feedback on her own and we thank her for the amazing review!

Corneal Collagen Cross Linking is a major decision for patients that are dealing with keratoconus and we appreciate any words from patients that have gone through this procedure.  Thank you for sharing!

“Best eye doctors for treating Keratoconus in Houston!

I have Keratoconus in both eyes and this is very heart-breaking news for new patients :(. The degree of Keratoconus in my left eye is more severe than right. I had corneal-cross-linkage (CXL) done in India for my left eye in 2012. The doctor told me to monitor the right eye annually in USA for the progression and to be ready to undergo right-eye CXL at an appropriate time. Fast-forward it to 2014, I went to Slade & Baker for an annual checkup. Dr. Baker suggested me to undergo CXL to lock the vision at a good number. Since this is not an FDA approved surgery, there are very few doctors in the USA who do CXL.

No wonder Dr. Slade who is one of the founding fathers of LASIK in the USA, does CXL! Since, I was moving to North Carolina within a few months, I decided to take advantage of my stay in Houston. I  underwent the CXL procedure after two weeks of my first appointment at Slade & Baker.

These guys do epithelium-on CXL, which is far less painful than epi-off CXL I went through in India. I was given proper instructions for preparing for surgery and I was prepped adequately. After the surgery, they gave me proper instructions for using eye-drops and how to avoid any possible eye-infection. Apparently, post-surgery eye-infection is the only complication of epi-on CXL, and is significantly less riskier than epi-off. Although there is debate on advantages of epi-off versus epi-on CXL in the medical community, but my experience has been good so-far with epi-off. CXL doesn’t improve vision, it just stops the progression of cone of the eye by strengthening the cornea.

Much of the procedure I spent with Nurse Sandra who made it less painful by engaging me in conversations and putting eye-soothers during surgery :-). She is really good in her work.

Their front-desk staff is very nice and helpful. Kate and Jeanette handled my paper work and billing staff are super nice people to work with. The other nurses who take vision tests and topography are soft-spoken and knowledgeable.

I got my scheral lens from Eye Excellence on Fannin because my vision plan doesn’t work with Slade & Baker and these lenses are quite expensive. When I told them about my CXL procedure at Slade & Baker, they also spoke great things about Drs. Slade and Dr. Baker! This is a testament to being considered the “Doctor’s doctor”. I definitely recommend this place to everyone.”

– Post CXL patient