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Why You Should NOT Sleep in Your Contact Lenses

Last weekend was homecoming weekend for all of my friends from grad school, and of course with any homecoming celebration comes a football game, and preceding the football game, of course a tailgate. As we were all getting ready to head out for the day, one of my dearest friends came running up to me in a panic because her eye was “red and puffy.”

After a game of 20 questions, the verdict became very clear. My friend sleeps in her contacts.

It is important for you and everyone you know who wears contacts to know how serious it is when your eye doctor tells you, do NOT sleep in your contacts.

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Eye Tattoos: What’s up with that?

Photo Credit: Catt Gallinger Facebook Eye Tattoos: What’s up with that? Many of you may have heard of scleral tattoos AKA eye tattoos. This new fad involves “tattooing” the white part of the eye by injecting ink under the outer layer of the eye called the conjunctiva. Sound scary? Well, it is! Surfacing along with… Read More »

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Interested in LASIK options? -Reporting Over 1 Million SMILE procedures worldwide! We were among the FIRST!

It was announced yesterdey (September 28, 2017) that doctors have performed over 1 million procedures of laser vision correction surgery using Zeiss’s SMILE refractive technology worldwide! ReLEx SMILE is now being performed across the globe by over 1,300 surgeons (in more than 65 countries) with patients reporting high satisfaction with the results of this very… Read More »

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Dr. Bennett Walton is One to Watch!

Dr. Bennett Walton has been named “One to Watch” in ophthalmology by Millenial Eye – Click here to read his actual interview! Dr. Walton was also featured as a lecturer at the most recent Millennial Eye event in Nashville, Tennessee this past weekend! Dr. Walton lectured this past Saturday, September 9th, 2017, about how to… Read More »

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Total Solar Eclipse in 1 Week! Are YOU prepared?

Next week on Monday, August 21, 2017, we will experience a Total Solar Eclipse. Read our press release below to become better prepared before that day arrives and check out our infographic for what to wear at the bottom! Dr. Walton’s helpful YouTube video is also included below and if you click here. News Release… Read More »

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