Slade & Baker Vision Doctors

Another amazing personal experience shared with our office!

Just finished (12/6/16) receiving my second intraocular lens for replacement of my right eye cataract. I am so excited about the new vision I have – its priceless.

Its bright with perfect vision both distant and close (premium Trulign Toric Lens). Never had this vision with glasses, contacts or lasik (30 yrs ago).

The next day check-up by Dr. Baker resulted is a happy dance by Dr. Baker with my excellent results. He said “that’s what we are here for” – wow excellent vision.

He said I had the vision of a 30 year old fighter pilot. I’m 72 years old. Last time I could see this good was when I was 10 years old! I opted for the premium lens which flex like your original lens and it worked great for me.

The success is in the preparation to detail preformed by Dr. Baker and Staff – outstanding. Wow what a Team, Kind, Professional, Exacting and Efficient.

I am a retired industrial project manager/reliability engineer and require/appreciate attention to detail. Dr. Slade/Baker’s Team is second to none. Check out their website for more detail. Surgery is 15 min and painless. Anticipation and worry can be overcome by research.

Thanks so much to the Slade/Baker and Staff Organization for my excellent eyesight going into retirement – wow.

~ Mike K