We all know that we usually do not provide reviews for restaurants, doctors’ offices, stores, etc. unless we are unhappy or had a bad experience.  So you know when someone takes the time to write about you, it’s because it must’ve been great!

Last night we were left an amazing review by an amazing patient.  Thank you Travis, we love hearing from patients like you and we truly appreciate you taking your valuable time to share your experience!  Congratulations on your bionic eye!

See below to read more about Travis’s experience…

Review for Slade & Baker Vision Center


I would give them 10 stars if this would let me!  Dr. Slade and Dr. Baker and the Staff at the Vision Center are Hero’s!

OK, I hope I don’t get to mushy! I LOVE EVERYBODY at Slade & Baker! I had my LensX Cataract Surgery April 23rd Dr. Slade put in a Premium Toric lens to correct my Astigmatism (level 3) and my nearsightedness (-6) I cant lie, my mind was alittle uptight going into the day but the whole team at the vision center took care to make me feel good about the whole process. There was NO PAIN at all and it went by so quick once in the operating room. I never even felt the laser machine lock on to my eye and before I could even figure it out, Dr Slade said “OK we are done with that part”. While being driven in to my 1 day checkup I could already see all the street signs very good, still alittle cloudy in the morning, by afternoon I was starting to see good, Then at 48 hours I was amazed. I could see crisp, clear, sharp objects.

Let me explain, I had RK 24 years ago and had complications that caused my right eye to have a double vision and just much weaker than my left. I think I was a -2 left, and a -6 right. I was told that my right eye WOULD NEVER be able to be corrected because of RK. But I finally found Dr. Slade and Dr. Baker and I can not tell them enough how grateful and appreciative I am for them getting me back to perfect vision. The quality of my life will go up 1000% because of the team at Slade and Baker. Special thanks to Delfina, Sandra and Tina for putting up will all my questions, and thanks to all the others who helped me thru the process of testing and fitting my eye to the perfect lens. Its only been 5 days and each day it seems like my vision is getting better and better, I am sure I will read 20/20 when I do my follow up. I see colors better, clear distinct objects from 400 yards away and it is already putting my left eye to shame which is reading at 20/30, (the eye I depended on for 24 years. Tomorrow I travel to Houston to get my Left eye done. I cant wait to have 2 Bionic eyes, I feel truly blessed to have found Dr. Slade and Dr. Baker and their amazing staff! I love all of you, this is truly life changing, get ready for some big hugs when I come into the office tomorrow!

Love you guys,
Travis W. – Pflugerville, TX