SMILE Eye Surgery

“I had my LASIK/SMILE surgery about 2.5 weeks ago at Slade & Baker. I have extremely high myopia (about -9) and astigmatism (-3). I went to a few other doctors before I went to slade & baker, they all told me I wasn’t a good candidate for LASIK and my option was ICL which would have cost me around $10k. I was hopeless and almost went through with it. Then I came across Slade & Baker, who was conducting a clinical study for SMILE procedure. I was aware that the SMILE technology has been approved outside the US for many years, but it’s yet to be approved by the FDA. They took me in for extensive testing/evaluations on my eyes, and thankfully I qualified. I honestly had never met such great people in my life. Cindy was so helpful throughout the process, I could feel that she truly wanted the best for me. Chadisty and Dr. Essa have also been so helpful and friendly. I had my left eye performed SMILE and right eye LASIK. I didn’t meet Dr. Slade until right before my surgery, who seemed very experienced and knowledgeable. The actual procedure lasted maybe 1 min or 2. There was even a nurse holding my hand to put me at ease. The procedure changed my life. I can see clearly with my LASIK eye now and my SMILE eye can see well but still recovering (which is the difference between SMILE and LASIK). I can’t wait till it fully recovers. I can’t thank the whole staff enough!” – SMILE patient posted on Yelp July 8, 2016.

Zeiss Visumax Laser for SMILE Surgery

We are still currently enrolling patients for the Visumax SMILE study at our office, Slade & Baker Vision Center in Houston, Texas.

For MORE information on the SMILE procedure at our office you can visit our SMILE clinical trial page by clicking on this link or you can call us to schedule an evaluation today at