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We really love notes from our patients. What we love even more, are notes from our patients that they choose to share online!

Please see this LASIK patient’s beautiful words about our staff, office, Dr. Slade and the overall patient LASIK surgery experience at our office! We are blushing…


I was contacted by Slade & Baker to participate in a clinical study. Though initially skeptical that this would be a type of bait-and-switch where they tell me I am not eligible for the study, but a great candidate for Lasik and it will only cost $____, I was pleasantly surprised to find out I had been accepted into the study.

While I am pleased with the initial results of the procedure (I was very highly myopic with mild astigmatism and had previously been told I was not a candidate for Lasik), what I want to talk about is how wonderful the staff is. I have been seen promptly for every appointment, and questions and concerns have been actively solicited from me, and adequately and honestly addressed.

In particular, Chadisty and Dr. Essa have been wonderful. I did not meet Dr. Slade until about half an hour before my procedure, but upon meeting him, I had the fullest confidence that he had thoroughly studied my case and knew what he was doing. Despite being one of the most famous ophthalmologists in the world, he was incredibly personable, genuinely concerned with my eyes, and again, gave me every bit of his attention to address any concerns I had.

During the surgery, he was very re-assuring and had me at complete ease within 30 seconds.

Had I chosen to seek out Lasik on my own, I would have paid Dr. Slade top dollar to perform my surgery, as I do not think there is anyone more qualified in the United States.

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