HOLOS IntraOp™

To add to our list of “firsts” here at Slade & Baker Vision Center…

Yesterday, on Wednesday Oct 12th 2016, Dr. Bennett Walton and Dr. Stephen Slade were the first two surgeons in Texas (and in the top 4 in the US!) to use the Holos device which is part of an effort to continually improve our patients’ visual outcomes in surgery.

Dr. Walton was also the first in the US to use this device in a patient with keratoconus, a corneal disease well known for having unpredictable outcomes after cataract surgery.

So what does this mean for you as a patient?  It’s exciting but let’s start with…

What’s Holos?

HOLOS IntraOp™ is a Wavefront Aberrometer that is capable of high-speed, high-resolution measurement and simultaneous display of real-time refractive data throughout a refractive surgery procedure.

It is the first aberrometer specifically developed for ophthalmology and its technology is a huge improvement from how other devices detect and measure wavefronts. Holos IntraOp enables rapid data acquisition and realtime data display with highly accurate wavefront refractive measurements (sphere, cylinder, and axis). All of these things are extremely important for laser cataract surgery, LASIK and all other refractive surgeries. You can basically think of them as the roadmap that your surgeon looks to in order to guide them on YOUR specific eye procedure. As you know, our eyes are like fingerprints, none are the same.

The device, which is smaller than most others on the market, is attached to the operating microscope and provides both qualitative and quantitative measurements.

Holos’s real-time measurements are displayed as continuous wavefront refractive data and superimposed at the same time on an integrated LIVE image of the patient’s eye.

The surgeon can therefore visualize the refractive results, such as rotating a toric IOL (for patients with astigmatism), in real time. Did we emphasize the importance of real-time?


In recent clinical trials, intraoperative guidance from existing, static wavefront-derived refractive data has been shown to improve refractive outcomes! AKA you get better vision when your surgery is guided by this kind of data.

Surgeons who have used the device internationally have applauded this technology for multiple things including: its compact size, the ease of aligning the instrument, and the lack of interference with surgery. Surgeons claim that the continuous refractive data display was easy to visualize and responded in real time to surgical interventions (especially with astigmatism).

Holos’s technology has the potential to provide intraoperative confirmation of proper lens power selection and astigmatism reduction, two things that are ultra-important in refractive surgeries!  Dr. Slade & Dr. Walton, at Slade & Baker Vision Center, were the first surgeons to use the “Lens Selection Software,” which means we are the first to use a fully functioning Holos device!

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