Statistics Graphic

A new article published this month looked at the FDA’s official approval data for the 3 common modern LASIK platforms in the US.

There were 718 total eyes that were examined, and many of them were the eyes of our very own Slade & Baker Vision patients!

What was found?

  • ZERO percent incidence of anyone losing 2 or more lines (on the eye chart) of best-corrected (glasses/contacts) vision.*

If you ask us, this is pretty solid safety data!


  • 37% incidence of seeing BETTER WITHOUT GLASSES afterward than before WITH glasses!*

If our latest blog post didn’t make it pretty clear, the statistics are pretty in FAVOR of modern LASIK and we are so happy to contribute to any developments in the eye health world! We have so many happy LASIK patients that are enjoying their summer, swimming, scuba diving, traveling to beautiful beaches with no contact lens solution or cases…don’t you want to join them?

Do your research or just come visit us for a free evaluation and we will share all the data with you!

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*Moshirfar et al., Journal of Refractive Surgery, 33 (6) 2017