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Continuing our blog series on LASIK vs. Contact Lenses…

As we covered in Part 1, there is published data showing that LASIK patients are happier than Contact Lens Wearers.

Maybe it’s because they have more money in their pocket!

Did you know that daily contact lenses plus solution plus an annual glasses update totals at approximately $1,200 annually?!?!

Have you ever done that math? Probably not!

How many years have you worn contacts and/or glasses?

At that rate, from age 15 to 50, you will have spent over $42,000 on contacts, solution, and glasses updates.  That’s assuming you never pay for prescription sunglasses.

Do you wear monthlies instead of dailies?  Monthlies represent a higher infection risk than dailies in most cases, and you’ll still have spent $21,000 on glasses by age 50.

Once you look at the costs and compare apples to apples (or in this case contacts to LASIK), it makes LASIK seem pretty affordable, right?

Of course, maybe some of us like to use contacts and solution and deal with glasses just for the fun of it 😉

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