Crystalens IOL

Slade & Baker Vision Center is excited to announce the launch of the TRULIGN® Toric Posterior Chamber IOL otherwise known as the Toric Crystalens IOL!

This will be the ONLY lens on the market that will provide accommodation as well as fix astigmatism! This intraocular lens provides correction for astigmatism while delivering a broad range of improved vision for patients undergoing cataract surgery. The FDA granted approval of this lens on May 21st, 2013. Please click here for the Press Release and to read more about its approval.

Dr. Stephen Slade will begin to start implantations next week in our clinic in Houston, TX.

As some of you may not know, Dr. Slade was actually the first surgeon to implant the first Crystalens ever available in the United States.

He then presented the Crystalens and all its data to the FDA for its approval.

Therefore, Dr. Slade’s experience with Crystalens lenses goes farther than any other surgeon in the nation! He has the longest experience with this lens as well as other important refractive surgeries (i.e. LASIK) in the country.

Crystalens is usually grouped into the “Premium” Lens Category because of its ability to give patients multiple ranges of vision. However, unlike the multifocal optics of its competitors on the market, the Crystalens achieves this through its ability to accommodate once implanted in the patient’s eye.

Our natural lens that we are born with accommodates to help us see close as when we read a book, see at middle range when looking at our computer screen, or see far as when we are driving.

Bausch & Lomb, the company that makes Crystalens, tried to replicate our natural lens abilities by creating an accommodative lens. The other options on the market do not accommodate. They achieve their multiple ranges of vision through rings in the optics of the actual lens.

Every patient is different, has a different visual history and would have varying outcomes from all of these lens choices. Dr. Slade has had years of experience with all of these lens implants and when you come in for your consultation the doctors at Slade & Baker Vision Center can discuss with you what your outcomes would be with the different lens options. A multifocal may be a better choice for someone than an accommodative lens and vice versa.

It is important when getting any form of medical treatment to know all of your options. The doctors here inform our patients of everything they need to know about surgical options and have the experience to know that an informed patient is a successful patient.

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and remember to ask about the Toric Crystalens if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a cataract and astigmatism as well!