Slade & Baker Vision

For many years, Stephen Slade MD has used computer based patient education with touch screens to help educate his patients about Cataracts, LASIK, and other eye conditions and diseases. Last month, Dr Slade and his partner, Dr. Richard Baker upgraded their patient education capabilities with Apple’s popular iPad2 and an iPad App called Sight Selector™ Premium produced by another Houston based company Patient Education Concepts, Inc. (PEC).

“The availability of the Sight Selector™ iPad programs was the catalysis for us to make the change to the iPad. Late last year, Bob Watson, PEC’s president had asked me to review some of the content he was developing for the Sight Selector. Upon completion, I was amazed at how dynamic the imagery looked on the iPad and immediately decided to make the move,” said Dr. Slade, “Sight Selector combined with the iPad is the best patient education system I have ever seen, maybe even better than being married to a surgeon!”

There are 68 topics in the Sight Selector produce. Each topic includes a 1 to 3 minute video with narration and a series of still images that can be shown like an electronic storyboard, changing images with the swipe of the screen. The iPad is also ideal in weight and size. Its 10” screen is large enough for patients to see its smallest detail when holding it in their hands and it is light enough to be carried from lane to lane. Its battery life is also idea for using all day long in the practice without the need to recharge.

Recently PEC added two features that we find very helpful. Now, instead of just showing the still images while we talk, we can draw on the images, and increase patient comprehension in our discussions. Additionally, they added a “play list” feature so we can select three or four videos to show without interruption to a patient.

The programs allow us to show our patients how they should be able to see after cataract or refractive lens exchange with the various IOL options we offer. It also shows our patients the difference in the quality of post-operative vision between other laser vision correction technology and the laser vision technology that we use exclusively at Slade and Baker Vision. Now our patients have a much better understanding of their options so they can make a more informed decision about the quality of vision they want to achieve after their procedure.

The Sight Selector for iPad is part of the Sight Selector family of products offered by PEC. These programs can also be used on website and on high resolution monitors on computers throughout the office.

The list of topics we have on our Sight Selector App include:

Cataracts & IOLs
Cataracts with AcrySof® Toric; AcrySof® ReSTOR®; Crystalens®; Tecnis® Multifocal; Aspheric Monofocal; Standard Monofocal Generic Multifocal;YAG Capsulotomy; Cataract Surgery; Correcting Astigmatism (LRI & LVC).

Laser Vision Correction
PRK and LASIK Overview; Correcting Myopia; Correcting Hyperopia ; Correcting Astigmatism; and Monovision/Blended Vision.

Wavefront Guided Lasers

Wavefront Optimized Lasers

Conventional Lasers
LASIK; PRK; and Eyetracker

Refractive Errors
Normal Vision; Myopia; Hyperopia; Astigmatism; Accommodation and Presbyopia

General Ophthalmology
Anatomy of the Eye; Implantable Contact Lenses; Open-Angle Glaucoma; Narrow-Angle Glaucoma; Macular Degeneration; Diabetic Retinopathy; Blepharitis; Chalazion; Conjunctivitis; Corneal Transplant; Flashes; Floaters; Dry Eye and Tears and Retinal Detachment
Cosmetic Procedures
Botox® Cosmetic