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In the study cited here, 1800 people were surveyed over a 3-year period. While some of them continued to wear contact lenses, the remainder of the people involved in the study had LASIK. Of those people who had LASIK, the majority of them had successfully worn contact lenses for at least 5 years prior to their procedure.

The study found that the group of previous contact lens wearers were HAPPIER with their vision AFTER LASIK than before with their contacts. Their night driving also significantly improved, and they experienced no major changes with dry eye symptoms. Each year of the study, the LASIK patients’ reported satisfaction was higher than the year prior. The contact lens group reported lower satisfaction over time. Guess what else improved in the LASIK group! The patients who had LASIK reported fewer issues with eye infections, ulcers and abrasions than those who continued wearing contact lenses throughout the study.

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