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Why did I finally decide YES to LASIK?

I get this question on the regular.

Out of all the things we always say we want to do or need to do, many people get consultations or research LASIK, but stay on the fence for some time.  What was the deciding factor for me?

Many people decide to have LASIK because the daily cleaning regimen is just obnoxious, many decide very understandably so, that they can’t deal with waking up in the middle of the  night and reaching for their glasses on the nightstand.  Some people decide because they want to swim underwater without having to worry about a mask or goggles.

I know it sounds crazy, but for me it was traveling that really put me over the edge.

There was nothing more annoying to me than having to pack the big bottle of contact solution and the contact case.  Making sure I had a travel size bottle, making sure I had a clean case to pack. Does this go in my carry on? How many ounces are allowable for a carry on? Ugh, I need to google this again. What happens if my checked bag gets lost? I mean, I need to SEE. Almost more than I need my shoes?!

All sounds pretty silly until you go on your next trip and you think of me!

It’s a new year. New Year’s Resolutions usually involve weight loss, business goals, career aspirations, general outlooks on life and to many, steps to promote positivity.

Has anyone ever thought about just plain SEEING better in 2016?

Vision is usually pretty necessary to workout better! And who doesn’t need their eyesight to fix up their resume, read their emails, interview, get a job, or read positive quotes daily to keep their optimistic views up throughout the year?!

Make the decision today. Regardless of whether it has to do with packing for your trips like it did for me or just being a better you in 2016.  Fix your EYES!

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