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Being the first practice in the nation to have performed LASIK years ago, we are often sought out as a ‘leader’ and ‘expert opinion’ in all sorts of LASIK cases and LASIK content out there.  We have shared LASIK myths before, and there are many of them. But today we want to dive into what is a common misconception or ‘thought’ that runs through someone’s mind that makes them choose NOT to go with LASIK. As always, the best first step is a consultation to find out your best options, and this is at no charge!

  1. “It’s too expensive”

This is probably the most common reason we hear.  We also are surprised when we talk to patients about what they ‘think’ LASIK costs or what other places charge for LASIK.  LASIK is quoted on billboards, radio and social media ads at different prices and that is one of the reasons for the confusion.  We urge you to call a practice directly to get the price per eye. You may be really surprised that it is affordable these days AND that you can use your HSA tax-free dollars towards LASIK!   While on the topic of price, it is also really important to point out that sometimes ‘you get what you pay for’ is accurate as well. Some practices out there may quote you a really minimal price per eye, but be very careful with these as they fly out of town doctors in who won’t actually be seeing you after the surgery.  Do your research – these are your eyes and vision for the rest of your life; paying a little more for a surgeon with experience, will make all the difference.

  • “I’m worried about the side effects”

What if something goes ‘wrong’ and my vision is permanently messed up? What if it causes Dry Eye? With ANY surgery, there is always a potential for side effects. We can say with confidence that after all these years of watching LASIK patients walk away with 20/20 or 20/10 vision, the side effects are minimal ones.  Read more about what those side effects are here – but keep in mind that the eye is an incredible system that has the ability to work through things like halos and other changes. Dry Eye is a valid concern, however, we can happily report that we prep our patients prior to surgery with a dry eye regimen that will not affect them post surgery.  We work with each of our patients as tear production is so key with all eye surgeries! Finally, eye doctors actually see more infections with soft contact lenses than LASIK!

  • “What happens if it doesn’t ‘work’”

This is a very common misconception – and is quite frankly, impossible. No surgeon in this world is going to predict 100% perfect outcomes; and no respectable surgeon would ever promise a patient 20/20 vision, because there is always a risk; however, the chances of the LASIK surgery not having positive effects on your vision are HIGHLY unlikely!

  • “My eyesight is not ‘bad enough’

We are trained at some point to think that our vision has to be a certain ‘level’ of ‘awful’ for us to qualify for LASIK. In reality, anyone with myopia could have LASIK but the qualifications for being a LASIK candidate are not solely dependent on your prescription.  When you come to our office for your free consultation, you will have several tests that will indicate your corneal thickness, mapping of your eye and several other key reasons LASIK is the right option (or not) for your specific eyes.  Eyesight does not have to be over a -5.00 (as an example) for you to have LASIK. We have had many, many LASIK patients with a  mild prescription that just do not want to wear corrective lenses or deal with contacts and glasses due to sports, travel and let’s be honest – life in general! If we can simplify our lives, why wouldn’t we?

  • “Scared of my eye moving”

This is our favorite ‘reason’. You may be wondering why this has never crossed your mind, but rest assured, it has crossed MANY patients minds that come to see us. We always think about how we personally can mess something up, but we always assure our patients and show them that there is a tool which holds your eye in perfect place during LASIK. There are multiple safety factors built into the lasers and the entire LASIK process that make it is a foolproof of a procedure as possible.

If you are interested in sharing your ‘reason’ we encourage you to!  Please write us at or call us at 713-626-5544 to schedule you for a free consultation.  Our surgeons are more than happy to determine if you are right for LASIK and provide all the information or data you need for any anti-LASIK ‘reason’ you have heard along the way!