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LASIK vs. Contact Lenses: Which is Riskier?

Here is a topic that we deal with on a daily basis, and perhaps you have even considered it once or twice. We wanted to have an open discussion with our readers about LASIK and how they feel about it in relation to wearing contacts, as that is usually a day-to-day struggle. Because contact lenses… Read More »

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Love Swimming but Hate Contact Lenses?

Have you ever tried swimming in a pool with your contact lenses on? WHAT A MESS! We recently all related with an Olympic athlete (which does NOT happen often) from London, Ontario, Maggie Mac Neil, when we saw the image in this Daily Hive Article. We loved it so much, we shared the article along… Read More »

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Golf & LASIK: The Need for Crisp Vision

If you’ve ever played golf or attempted to, it goes without saying, if your vision isn’t great, following that tiny ball into the abyss is NOT easy and crisp, so having clear vision is a must. It dawned on us, since so much of the world is watching golf right now during golf season, and… Read More »

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LASIK Price Shopping: The Ultimate Guide

When we think of ‘price shopping’, the average person thinks of car shopping or even house shopping, with both of these things being on the higher-priced side of purchases that people make in their lifetimes.  However, in our line of work, price shopping is actually EXTREMELY Common, with patients calling multiple LASIK surgery practices to… Read More »

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The Best LASIK Candidate or Laser Vision Candidate

It’s spring, which means many places are warming up and soon enough we will all want to be able to be outside, enjoying the sun and some water activities…and hopefully, with the help of the COVID vaccines and options out there, many of you will get to travel again and see new places when it’s… Read More »

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LASIK In Your Off-Season

As many of us are just recuperating this week from the Super Bowl fun, we thought it would be interesting to touch upon pro athletes and how they handle vision and LASIK. It’s pretty obvious that good vision is vital to an elite athlete’s performance.  They need it for their job and the better he… Read More »

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Leaders Who Educate

In any field, there are experts, and there are leaders – but what really makes someone stand out as a leader in their field?  Is it the knowledge and skills it takes to do what they do every day?  What makes them ‘better than most’ at what they do? Many would argue, this lies in… Read More »

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