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Today, I’m happy to present a guest blogger: Dr. Rebecca Miller. Dr. Miller is a fabulous optometrist who works in Dallas, TX at Brooks Eye Associates.


I had my first eye exam when I was in 5th grade. My optometrist was brilliant; he did careful measurements of my vision and ocular health. After all of the testing he explained that my eyes were in good health, but my distance vision could be improved with a small prescription. I’ll never forget the experience of putting on my first pair of glasses; I could see the tree leaves from across the street!

As the years went by I started playing sports, and glasses were replaced by more convenient contact lenses. Eventually, late nights of studying made contact lens wear uncomfortable due to dry eye.

After graduating from optometry school, I saw firsthand how patients’ lives were improved after LASIK; they could see without the constant need for glasses or contacts. The results of the 10-minute, painless surgery were remarkable. Being an optometrist demands excellent vision at a microscope, which means glasses aren’t the most functional. To make matters worse, when I wore contact lenses, my eyes were so dry they felt like sandpaper by the afternoon. I wanted to learn if LASIK could work for me like it had for so many of our patients.

After a thorough ocular health exam, it was determined that I was a candidate. I knew I was ready for LASIK. There was a study done in the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery that reported eye doctors are 5 times more likely than the general public to choose vision correction surgery for themselves. The article goes on to state that 62.6% of these surgeons said they have already had LASIK and 91% have done it or recommended it for their immediate family members. I know Dr. Slade has performed LASIK on his wife and daughter and Dr. Walton has done LASIK on his sister and her husband. They both believe in LASIK.

As amazing as it was to see clearly through my first pair of glasses – my experience of clear vision following LASIK was even better! My eyes and vision felt so natural; I even caught myself trying to take my glasses off or remove my contacts after the surgery – my vision was that clear!

I encourage everyone who is considering LASIK to find out if you are a candidate. Slade & Baker Vision offers a complimentary screening to take the first step and find out if LASIK would be right for you!

Slade & Baker Vision welcomes patients from here in Houston and around the world. Our patients want to ‘See The Best’, and when it comes to our eyes; we only trust the best. Dr. Slade performed the first LASIK surgery in the US, and has the longest experience with LASIK in the country. Please call our office at 713-626-5544 or email us directly at, if you have questions or would like to schedule a complimentary LASIK screening.