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Out of town patients

Not to fear!  Did you know we get patients from Dubai, South America, The Caribbean and Europe, not to mention countless other places within the US every week?

Did you also know that Dr. Stephen Slade has been coined the “surgeon’s surgeon” as over 450 of his fellow eye surgeons have chosen HIM for their own eye surgery. Many of these 450 surgeons have all come from elsewhere!

Patients from abroad come see our doctors not only for LASIK and Laser Vision Correction but also for Laser Cataract Surgery, Corneal Collagen Crosslinking for Keratoconus, and several of our other procedures and clinical trials.

The languages spoken by our staff include English, Spanish, Hindi and Urdu.

We love our international patients and want to share how our office is happy to help you if you would like to see one of our specialists and are coming from afar.

We created this helpful page linked here to help guide you in planning a stay in Houston when the time comes for your evaluation with us. This page includes HOTELS close to us that offer medical rates, are pet friendly and nearby restaurants.

If you want to email us at we can also provide you with directions and help you work out the logistics of your trip, coordinate your post operative visits with your flights, etc.  You name it, we can help.

Please call us today for more information at 713-626-5544!