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An Interview with Dr. Paul Zarutskie, Premier Infertility Specialist

and Patient of Slade & Baker Vision

Dr. Paul Zarutskie is a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist and obstetrician/gynecologist, and a renowned contributor to the field of reproductive medicine. Throughout his 30-year career he has treated more than 15,000 patients and consistently been named one of the Best Doctors in America.

A pioneer in reproductive endocrinology, Dr. Zarutskie has developed innovative treatment protocols, drugs, devices and laboratory procedures, including intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and cryopreservation techniques. He was one of the first infertility specialists in the United States to introduce preimplantation genetic screening services into clinical practice. His early research in male fertility established Dr. Zarutskie as a thought leader in the field and continues to guide treatment strategies.

Dr. Zarutskie has held professorships at Harvard Medical School, the University of California, Irvine, the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, the University of Washington, and currently at Baylor College of Medicine here in our hometown of Houston, Texas.

As you can tell, Dr. Zarutskie has been heavily involved in fertility research for years and has the important role of working with women to help them achieve their dreams of a family.

Pretty impressive background, wouldn’t you say?  When he walked through our glass doors in 2016, we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Dr. Zarutskie as our patient.

Clearly, a very important specialty that is in high demand, an infertility surgeon like Dr. Zarutskie would need the absolute, crispest, clearest vision, right?

Our team of specialists worked very carefully with Dr. Zarutskie to achieve his visual goals. Once Dr. Zarutskie had some eyelid margin issues corrected, he underwent a lens replacement surgery in 2016 under our surgeons’ care, which was followed up with a refractive “fine tuning” of LASIK for his distance vision.

Dr. Zarutskie approached us to tell us how incredible he felt after his time with us and when we asked him to sit with us to share some more information with our patients, he so generously agreed.  He wants to share how his experience at our office helped him, in the hopes that it would help other patients looking to achieve their visual goals.

Dr. Zarutskie, how did better vision and visual comfort allow you to use your own “surgical microscope” better?

  • My eye surgery radically increased my visual comfort.  It has removed my need to continually use eye drops.  In the past, I was using lubricant eye drops several times a day, and now, I do not have to use them at all. It has been an immense help in my visual comfort, especially during long surgeries I perform where there is no more need to have to put in eye drops. Keeping my eyes moist longer has also increased clarity.  The fact there is no more need for eye drops really helps my comfort, accuracy and speeds up the procedures for me.

What exactly do you do during your procedures?

  • A critical piece of In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments is the monitoring process.  We use ultrasounds to determine follicle size and growth. What we gain from the ultrasounds helps us determine what the next steps are in the process.  Because of the increased clarity in my vision, it’s incredible how it has shortened the time it takes to determine the results of these critical ultrasounds. My new visual clarity has shortened the time it takes me to review the results and information to make an assessment, in the end, improving my patients care.

As a physician, knowing what to look for in quality care, how did you feel about your experience with Slade & Baker Vision?

  • As an MD, the most important part of my own patient care is for my patients to feel safe. And of course, for them to receive the best care possible.  Without exception, at Slade & Baker I felt well protected by all of the staff and doctors.  Besides that feeling of protection I want for my own patients, personalized care is something I strive for and I hold very important for my patients.  I received that personalized care myself. The kind of service I received at Slade & Baker is the kind of service I hope I am giving to my own patients.

We are so blessed to have patients like Dr. Zarutskie walk through our doors and trust our surgeons with their vision. We are beyond grateful when they ask us how they can spread the word about their outcomes. Thank you Dr. Zarutskie, the fact you make families a reality is so inspiring and we appreciate your trust and kind words!

Please call us today for an evaluation at our clinic, Slade & Baker Vision Center in Houston, Texas at 713-626-5544.